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When it comes to natural gourmet kosher grade sea salts, only one name should come to mind and that is Salts Worldwide!

Whether you are new to exotic salts, a certified foodie or culinary chef, you will enjoy the unique flavor that our salt provides.

Not only does each salt enhance your meal with taste, but the appearance alone can make it a meal worth remembering!

  • Our focus is to provide the highest quality for the best prices, we never sacrifice price for quality and we never sell highly processed table salts that are void of any trace minerals.
  • All of our products are kosher grade, all of our products are certified natural, with the trace minerals and elements that nature intended.
  • Some of the most renowned chefs in the world use them to not only prepare their food, but to embolden it with the unique flavor that it provides!
  • We offer exclusive exotic salts including Truffle Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt, Black Salt, Sel Gris, Red Alaea, and Fleur De Sel.
  • Try our salts today, all purchases come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! 


Pan-Seared Scallops and Parsnips with Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt is an all-natural salt. It is rich in minerals and is Kosher. It is ideal for both sweet and savory dishes. The pink color in the salt accents light colored foods, making it an attractive finishing salt. With over 80 elements and minerals needed to...

Grilled Portobello Mushrooms with Black Truffle Salt

Black Truffle Salt is a foodie’s delight. It combines natural sea salt with truffles for a flavorful, healthful accent to any dish. Sea salt is known for its health benefits and distinct flavor. Truffles are sought after throughout the world for their rich and...

Butter Herb Sole with Fleur de Sel

Fleur de Sel is French for “Flower of Salt.” This salt offered by Salts Worldwide is hand harvested from France. It is harvested using the ancient method of skimming the tops of salt ponds and results in a distinctive flavored salt with a light and moist texture. This...
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