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Delicious Luscious Seafood Dinners of the Pink Salt

Even the Sheepshead Bay Hotel and Spa have changed its name to the Malibu Beach Hotel and Spa, to symbolize the new status of the place, named Pink Salt. The hotel in the Pacific Palisades is known as one of the top hotels in the world with a lot of facilities and services for both the guests and the staff. It is a modern hotel with world-class service and luxurious rooms and amenities.

The hotel is recognized as the Pink Salt and it is not surprising that the hotel is also called the Pink Salt. The name came about when it was bought by a young entrepreneur.

The Himalayan Chef’s business continues to flourish under the ownership of two sisters. The name is internationally recognized due to the culinary talent of the two owners, Denise and Melissa Greenberg. These girls are very passionate about the cooking and they have an international network of customers.

Since the Pink Salt is a posh and stylish hotel, the Himalayan chefs can cook for the worldwide clientele. This means they can serve several tastes of food on one menu which makes it quite easy for them to serve hundreds of meals at one time.

The dishes of the Pink Salt restaurants come from the best Thai dishes. The Himalayan chefs have a specialty of using authentic dishes from Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia.

There are many signature dishes on the menu of the Pink Salt. Here are some of them:

Curry-Combination: The first dish of the Pink Salt is a fusion of Thai and Indian cuisines. The cuisine of Thailand is famous for being very flavorful and spicy. It includes a mixture of seafood, soy, and vegetables, together with different types of spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, allspice, and cloves.

Chicken Curry: The second Pink Salt fusion dish is a traditional Thai dish made from chicken. There are variations in taste, but the basic concept remains the same. It is served with rice.

Lemon-Garlic Salt-A sweet blend of lemon, garlic, and sea salt is combined together in order to give a great aroma and taste. This is a favorite dish for the guests of the Pink Salt.

Sesame Thai Curry: This is a perfect fusion of Thai and Indian cuisines. The name Sesame Thai Curry comes from the fact that the ingredients used are also similar to Thai foods. This is the perfect combination of a curry and a dish made of vegetables.

Tamarind and Sweet Coconut Curry: This dish of the Pink Salt is a variation of the traditional Thai curry with the addition of a sweet coconut sauce. It is served with brown rice and it is really worth trying.

The Himalayan Chef kitchens are excellent places to see a variety of cuisines. The food of the Pink Salt is as good as any hotel in the world.

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