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The Importance of Knowing the Regulations Relating to Salt Water For Piercings

Before starting any salons, you should be informed of the local and state regulations pertaining to salt water for piercings. If you are a saloon owner or employee, this information should be recorded on a work order. Salts Worldwide, Inc. is an accredited saloon in Indiana.

Anyone who owns a salon should check with the Department of Health and Hospitals before using Salts Worldwide as a supplier for their salons. If you do not provide your customers with clean products, they may not patronize your business.

Salons cannot sell any saloons products. The products they sell to saloons must come from a health food store or be specifically labeled as containing safe salting salts. Other saloons must offer salt water for piercings as part of their products.

Salons must also provide a certified piercer with each customer’s piercing. The piercer’s credentials will be provided by the piercer’s supervisor. All piercings are examined by the piercer. His examination is the basis for determining whether the piercing will require the salt water soak for piercings.

Salons must submit an inspection report to the Indiana Health Department before they can open for business. This report contains a detailed description of the saloon, how many piercings have been performed at the saloon, the number of piercings done per month, the number of piercings performed, and how many clients were referred by previous customers. All piercings must have an evaluation to ensure that they will withstand the high temperature and pressure that the patient may experience during a full saline rinse.

During inspections of different saloons, Health Department inspectors are instructed to visit only the licensed saloons. Salons that do not comply with the rules are fined. The Health Department is not responsible for any fines that saloons may be levied if they are found to have violated the regulations.

Many salons fail to properly disinfect their equipment before introducing the salt water for piercings. This may lead to contamination of the saloon’s sinks and floors. This contamination may result in health problems for customers who use the saloon’s products.

Salons must keep adequate cleanliness and sanitation in order to operate legally. Proper sanitary conditions must be maintained for every employee to prevent the spread of germs. Inspections of saloons must be conducted annually to ensure compliance with all regulations.

Once a saloon has been inspected, it is registered with the Department of Health and Hospitals, and this registration will remain with the department for a period of five years. After five years, if the saloon no longer falls within the Health Department’s jurisdiction, the department can suspend its registration. For this reason, saloons should be inspected from time to time.

Salons are not required to provide health insurance to their employees. Employees will be responsible for their own medical insurance. Employees must provide proof of their insurance coverage when applying for a job at the saloon.

State-certified medical personnel must be available at the saloon. Employees are allowed to wear piercings in a fashion that is appropriate for their job. A doctor or nurse should examine the client prior to piercing them.

If you are new to salons, it is best to do your research prior to opening for business. Youmay consult your local Chamber of Commerce or check with the Indiana Health Department. Online resources such as are good places to learn about the local saloons.

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