Sun Dried Sea Salt

Sun Dried Sea Salt

The sun, wind and sea is what it takes to make sun dried sea salt. These are natural salt crystals that contain precious trace minerals. This is the type of salt that can deliver you balanced nutrition. Sun dried sea salt is dried by the air. It is also referred to as air dried sea salt.

Sun Dried Sea Salt

What is Black Lava Hawaiian Salt?

Black Lava Hawaiian Salt is harvested from Hawaii. This type of salt is blended and colored by activated charcoal. In Hawaii is harvested in the area of volcanoes where lava is present. It is also known as Black Salt. It is used in cuisines around the world. Black Salt is considered to be a cooling spice and it is used in Ayurvedic medicine. This salt can be used to aid in digestion and as a natural laxative. Black Lava Salt is really beautiful and is used for decorative purposes.

Red Alaea SaltBlack Salt

What is Red Alaea Salt?

This beautiful salt is harvested fron the red Hawaiian clay. It has a beautiful brownish-pink color. This is a natural sea salt that has been mixed with the volcanic clay of Hawaii. This salt has been used in Hawaii to clean and purify homes and temples. Red Alaea Salt has a very high content of iron oxide. It can be found in Hawaiian cuisine. Some dishes it has been used for seasoning is Kalua and Poke. Did you know that unique salts are some of the most sought after commodities? They are and these salts can be purchased online.

These fine colored salts are used al over the world and some countries request they be imported. These are hand-harvested and hand-mined salts. They are of the highest quality. They are pure salts that come straight from the Earth. They have been used in herbal medicine for thousands of years to treat a variety of natural remedies.

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