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Black Truffle Salt

Truffles are very prized and also can be quite expensive. They are found underground in Europe and most notably in France. Like mushrooms, they are considered a member of the fungus family, and have an earthy, nutty taste. Black truffle salt is an excellent way to add elegance to dishes without the exorbitant cost.

Truffle salt is a mix of Kosher sea salt and real truffles that can be used in baking or sprinkled on top of main courses. Commonly, truffles are added to egg dishes and in pasta sauces. The rich flavor adds the warm feeling of “comfort food” but at a price that is affordable to all. The addition of Black Truffle Salt to nearly any savory food adds an international cuisine flare normally found only in 5 star restaurants.

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Black Truffle Salt Products

All Black Truffle Salt Products Are On Sale!

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Black Truffle Salt

When Luxury Calls, Our Black Truffle Salt Responds

Truffles are the highlight of any French cuisine. They are amazingly tasty and quite expensive. Do they taste good? Well, that can be a matter of opinion because some people dislike mushrooms. Truffles are part of the fungi family, so it’s a little challenging to know if you’ll like them until you try them.

The biggest concern here is that all truffles are quite expensive, so most people aren’t willing to use them in regular cooking. If you’ve been lucky enough to have a dish with black truffles in it, you probably know how delicious and tasty they are. When you go to purchase them at your local store, though, you realize how rare they are.

At Salts Worldwide, we think that black truffles are a delicacy that can heighten any dish. Because of the hassles, we believe you’ll find our black truffle salt to be an excellent alternative. With tiny bits of black truffles mixed in with Kosher sea salt, you’re sure to enjoy cooking with and seasoning food with our salt blend.

Black Truffle Salt

Where Are Black Truffles Found?

Primarily, black truffles are found in Southern Europe and are one of the most expensive mushrooms that can be eaten. Imagine taking a stroll around the south end of Europe, walking along the hills and grasses while gazing at the nature sights around you. This is often what people do without even realizing what is below them.

You see, truffles grow underground in tree trunks, so you can’t easily see them with your eyes. Even if you were to crawl along the ground, you’d still be hard-pressed to notice these dark brown, round mushrooms. While they do have a strong and aromatic smell about them, it mingles quite well with the rest of the nature smells.

Most notably, you will find black truffles in France. However, we only get the ingredients for our salt from Italy. The black truffle search in this area dates back 200 years, so you know that it works. Plus, there are natural forests all over France and Italy, where the truffles are collected manually. You may be impressed to learn that France has the most production of black truffles with 45 percent while Italy takes on about 20 percent, and Spain has 35 percent. Small amounts are often produced in Australia, Croatia, and Slovenia, as well.

Since our source doesn’t have quite the abundance that France has, you know that the truffles are rarer and, therefore, more prized. While you might think that would raise the price more, it is still comparable to other countries. This means that you can easily use our black truffle salt as an alternative to the actual truffle, which can be as much as three times more in price.

Truffle Salt

How Are the Truffles Harvested?


So, you’re in one of the many beautiful forests in France, and you’re searching the ground, gazing intently to try to find a black truffle or black diamond, as they are known in the area. Minutes turn to hours, and the sun is getting low, and you’re still without any truffles. Why is that?


Chances are, you don’t have the right tools to help you. It’s nearly impossible to find these delicacies without the aid of a special animal. Female pigs are often used to sniff out truffles of all types, though especially the black truffle. Because it can be hard to get enough female pigs for a large area, truffle dogs are also used. These animals have been trained to sniff out the truffles, which have a strong smell that penetrates out from beneath the ground.


Handlers of the animals know that a truffle has been found because the female pig will become agitated and excited when she sniffs one. In a way, the chemical that she smells is similar to what a male swine might give off when sexually attracted. This is what alerts the handlers that the black truffles are close, and they know where to start digging.


Generally, the black truffle is called Perigord because it’s found primarily in that French region. They associate with hazelnuts, oaks, cherry, and many other deciduous trees, so they are primarily harvested in winter and late autumn.


Truffle Sea Salt

Cultivated Productions


Because so many people are interested in black truffles, they have now been cultivated in many countries across the world. North America, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Chile, and Wales are some of the areas where cultivation occurs. Generally, this involves planting specific trees with roots that are inoculated with the truffle mycelium. Once the trees are planted, the first black truffles can be harvested between four and 10 years later.


Concerns with “Fake” Black Truffle Sea Salt


Many consumers worry about black truffle salt being authentic. For it to be genuine, there has to be Kosher sea salt with pieces of black truffles included. If your truffle salt doesn’t have black bits in it (real truffles), then it’s not a real black truffle salt. Some companies choose to use black truffle oil, which is much less expensive. However, it doesn’t give the same flavor and appearance as a true black truffle salt.


How Does It Taste?


If you’ve never had black truffles before, you may wonder how they or the salt will taste. Generally, when you open our bag of black truffle salt, you will immediately smell the pungent, earthy aroma. Often, it will have a musky flavor and might feature a hint of a garlic taste.

Black Truffles For Truffle Salt

Our Black Truffle Salt Is an Affordable Alternative!


Most people see the high price of truffles and think they can’t turn their ordinary dish into something spectacular. We saw the need for an affordable truffle alternative, which is why we created our black truffle salt. Though still more expensive than some of our other options, it allows you to get the same flavor from the black truffle at a fraction of the cost.


Plus, we make sure that our salt features real black truffles instead of a synthetic alternative. For example, truffle oils tend to use cultivated truffles that are less expensive. Plus, other ingredients might be included to mimic the aroma and taste of the black truffle. Our product only contains sea salt and bits of black truffles, so you know it is the real deal.


Black Truffle Sea Salt

Health Benefits of Our Black Truffle Salt


We understand that it can be hard to decide to spend money on something to flavor your meals, especially if you’ve never had the pleasure of eating black truffles. Still, we want to focus on the health benefits, which might help you decide to take a chance on our delicious black truffle salt.


Nutrient-Rich Product


Black truffles have an amazingly impressive nutrient profile, so they’re high in vitamins and minerals. You will find that they contain fiber, protein, and carbs, as well as unsaturated and saturated fatty acids. They’ve also got plenty of micronutrients. These can include phosphorus, vitamin C, calcium, sodium, manganese, iron, and magnesium.


Truffles themselves have each of the nine amino acids that your body needs. However, you should remember that black truffle salt isn’t going to give you a full serving of the truffles. Therefore, you should remember to eat a balanced diet to provide you with all of the nutrients you will need.




Our black truffle salt contains a multitude of antioxidants, which are compounds that prevent damage to the cells through oxidation and will fight free radicals. Studies have actually shown that antioxidants are significantly important to your health and could help you lower your risk for chronic conditions, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.


Though it’s hard to tell exact amounts of antioxidants in black truffles, they do contain a variety of them. These include gallic acid, lycopene, homogentisic acid, vitamin C, and more.


Lycopene is a red carotenoid and antioxidant. It’s found in many fruits and vegetables. It’s also located in human blood and protects the DNA, proteins, and lipids from oxidative damage.


Gallic acid is also found in our black truffle salt, and it’s a natural antioxidant that can help lower bad cholesterol and more.


Vitamin C is well-known for having a variety of benefits. For one, it can keep your immune system healthy, which will prevent you from getting sick. Its antioxidant properties can help you lower your risk for certain chronic diseases. Plus, it can help you lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease, and so much more.


Because of their high antioxidant content, studies have shown that black truffles can help to reduce inflammation and kill cancer cells. Though the study used concentrated extracts, it is still a positive sign that eating truffles or black truffle salt will produce some of the same effects, even if not in such high amounts.


Antibacterial Properties


Black truffles tend to have antimicrobial properties, which can reduce the growth of particular bacterial strains within the body. One study showed that the extract from a black truffle inhibited the growth of Staph bacteria by about 66 percent. Likewise, another study showed that the same variety of truffle decreased the growth of Pseudomonas, which is often resistant to antibiotics and can be very damaging to your health.


Still, more research must be conducted to determine how well black truffles can reduce the risk of bacterial infection. Plus, no one is quite sure yet how many black truffles must be eaten to reap the benefits. That said, it won’t hurt you to use our black truffle salt, and it could just be helping to keep bacteria out of your body.


Reduce Inflammation


Inflammation is one way that your body defends itself against illness and infection. It’s part of the immune system. Though it has a role, significant swelling in the body for long periods could develop into a chronic disease. Research has suggested that black truffles in any form could relieve inflammation in the body and promote better immunity and health.


One specific study showed that the compounds in black truffles could work to block specific enzymes that are involved in the inflammatory process. Since free radicals can lead to inflammation and we’ve already shown how our black truffle salt can reduce the amount of free radicals in the body, this is more proof to add to the mix.

Black Truffle Slices For Truffle Salt

Truffle Sea Salt Is Healthy!


Yes, we’ve primarily been talking about black truffles here and how they are healthy and beneficial, but that’s only part of the equation. The other part is our Kosher sea salt. We only use the finest and highest quality sea salt, so you’re getting those amazing benefits, as well. These can include:


  • High mineral content (trace minerals included)
  • Help to maintain muscle, nervous system, and brain function
  • Excellent source of electrolytes
  • Help to balance bodily fluids and avoid dehydration
Salts Worldwide Black Truffle Salt

How to Use Our Black Truffle Salt Effectively


Most people worry about consuming salt, as it has become the villain. Yes, it can be unhealthy when you strip it of all of its nutrients. That is why we only use unrefined sea salt in all of our mixes. You never have to worry about it tasting bland or not having the minerals and vitamins your body needs.


Moderation is key here. Those who need to follow a low-sodium diet should only use a small amount while cooking or as a finishing seasoning. However, those who aren’t on a restrictive diet should avoid overusing salt of any kind. If you consume too much sodium, it can raise your blood pressure. It might also build up the fluid in your body, which can lead to severe complications.


Now that the worst-case scenario is out of the way, we’d like for you to remember that salt is also essential to life. It works to balance out the fluids, so it is important to eat just enough. We find the best way to do that is to either cook with our black truffle salt, adding it to the pot for cooking, or sprinkle it over the meal right before you serve it.


Another way to use our delicious black truffle salt is to sprinkle it on salads and soups. Generally, we have found that our product works best against bland backdrops. Therefore, it might be best to add it to scrambled eggs, avocados, French fries, and more. You can also use it as a finishing touch to roasted vegetables and red meat (such as steak or roasts).


While some people do like to mix savory and sweet, it might not be ideal to use it in desserts. Remember, the black truffles are earthy and meaty, so it might not work well with delicate pastries. That is unless you are making a savory treat, such as mince pies.

Salts Worldwide Black Truffle Salt

Salts Worldwide Teaches You about Our Black Truffle Salt


We want everyone to understand what our black truffle salt is, where it comes from, and the history behind it. You may not realize it, but learning about where a food or ingredient comes from is essential. It tells you a bit more about the item and why it’s so popular.


The black truffle has long since been called the black diamond for French cooking and has been available since the early 19th century. It’s rare and culinary qualities have intrigued some of the greatest chefs in the world and mesmerized those who have been lucky enough to taste it.


In reality, the truffle culture bloomed mainly because of the phylloxera epidemic that affected French vineyards in the late 19th century. The vines were completely devastated by the insect, leaving a space where little would grow. With time, the ground was overtaken by the truffle oaks. Men cut small pieces of truffle that they already had and set them next to an acorn. They weren’t sure it would work, but did it ever! By the 20th century, France was growing about 1,000 tons of truffles each year.


Because it is so hard to farm the black truffles, growers have to be patient and ensure balance in the soil. You’ll note that they are quite expensive because it takes so long for them to grow and flourish. We talked earlier about how they are harvested, which also shows why they’re expensive.


Our Amazing Salt Is Easy to Store


Some people worry about spending so much on salt, especially if they’ve never used it before. We completely understand your concerns, but we make it easy to store our salt. Our products are stored in airtight bags. You can reseal them after each use, which keeps the unused portion safe and protected from moisture.


Of course, we recommend that you keep the bag in a dry, cool place so that it maintains quality. If you wish to store our black truffle salt elsewhere, you can use any airtight container. Still, it is quite convenient to keep the salt fresh and never have to worry. Just grab the bag with our logo whenever you choose to cook. You’ll find our black truffle salt will add flavor and dimension to any dish!


Consider Our Delicious and Precious Black Truffle Salt


As you now know, our black truffle salt is one of a kind. Of course, you can find variations of our product, such as truffle-oil salt, but they aren’t the same. Our products are designed to impress you when you use them. Each time you pull out our bag of salt, your mouth will water with the promise of something delicious.


Do you like hosting parties? If so, you may want to consider adding our black truffle salt to your dishes. The guests will be amazed that you went to such lengths to prepare such extravagant food for them. However, you will smile inwardly, knowing that you did nothing of the sort. All you had to do was use the right high-end salt to turn every day into magical. We are so proud that we can help you do this for yourself and your guests.


Are you someone who dislikes cooking? Is it hard to follow a recipe? We understand that some people have a natural aversion to trying new things, but it’s our hope that we can change your mind. It takes a strong person to buy something they’ve never tried before. While we hope you have had the luck of tasting a meal with black truffles in it, we know that many people never get that luxury. Still, you want to focus on expanding your horizons, and a great way to do that is through your food.


Whether you recently tried Thai, Mexican, or French food, you know it’s going to be much healthier for you to prepare the dishes yourself instead of going to a restaurant. However, to feel confident in your ability to make such lavish meals, you need the right tools. How much easier could it be than sprinkling some salt on a dish or cooking with it? The best part is, you just have to add a little bit because the flavor goes a long way. This means you aren’t going to run out of our black truffle salt quickly and can keep costs low.


When you open our bag of black truffle salt, earthy goodness will waft out to you. Of course, this can be a little disconcerting if you aren’t prepared. Just remember that those black bits you see are the delicious truffles. You’ll be impressed by how it changes the appearance of regular sea salt.


At Salts Worldwide, our goal is to give you the best experience when you choose to purchase our black truffle salt. Bringing salt from around the world to people everywhere is our passion, and we are good at it! You’ll be impressed with the amazing taste of our salt. Please, just try it once, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love and use it all the time.

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