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Can You Take Too Much Himalayan Salt?

Everything in excess is detrimental, as the saying goes. You can have what you want, but you should only take the right amount if you know what’s good for you. This maxim applies to just about anything, including the pink Himalayan salt. It is true, yes, that the crispiness of the salt that lightly touches your mouth feels ethereal. It is also true that its saltiness caresses your nostrils reminding you of the vast ocean and the waves splashing the shore. But remember, don’t let these sensations get the better of you. Learn to control your emotions and take a glimpse of what it can do to yourself when you take too much of Himalayan Salt.

Can You Take Too Much Himalayan Salt - Himalayan Salt Composition

Himalayan Salt Composition

To know someone’s identity, you search for their past and where they come from. In this way, you will find pieces of information that are needed for your quest. Just like in Himalayan pink salt, you must look deeper than its physical attribute and dive under its microscopic structures to know its true value. As you take a closer look, you will see its teeming composition that will amaze and tantalize your mind. The Himalayan pink salt is composed of 97.41% sodium chloride, while the other 2.59% are the 84 minerals hanging in the substance that could either benefit or harm you. With such amount of minerals, it is important to your body.

Is There Such Thing as Too Much Himalayan Salt?

However, the intake of this pink salt should be regulated. You can only take the right number of granules dissolving in your body. Despite the health benefits that you can gain from this substance, you have to know that it can bring you to a life where you will suffer. The pink Himalayan salt can give you a plethora of advantages, not to mention its beautiful, radiant complexion. It is a source of ion which will scatter and improve your body fluids. You will feel refreshed as it hydrates your dry, thirsty body. But in contradiction, having an excess amount can torture your being with various maladies that may affect your health.

If such is the case, should you worry, then?

The thought of negative effects on your body with excessive intake of this kind of salt should not be taken lightly. You do not want your health to collapse. Having too much sodium chloride in your body yields in the alleviation of potassium, which your body also needs for essential purposes. Aside from that, you might be trampled in the web of cramps, dehydration and worse, an increase in your blood pressure. Living in such pain and difficulties are not the kind of life you want to have. Having such diseases will threaten several activities that you enjoy, and because of them, you might not be able to do it again. The things that you love might just be buried in your imagination and you will get to do them again, just by the overuse of the pink salt. The sodium chloride in the Himalayan salt is truly beneficial, yet you should control yourself for your overall health and wellness.

Can You Take Too Much Himalayan Salt - Something to Keep in Mind

Something to Keep in Mind

You have to know that the right amount of intake of sodium, which also nestles in the Himalayan pink salt ranges, should be from 1500 mg to 2300 mg per day. It is based on a study conducted to show how much sodium can leave you at a high risk of developing several diseases. It shows that when you take more than 7000 mg of sodium, then the harm in your body will most likely occur. Such malady is called hyperchloremia, which will make you suffer from high acidity, failure in your kidneys, and you can get dehydrated. In addition, you will also have a malfunction in your heart, which you do not want to ever happen. The abundance of diseases which you can get if you do not balance your intake of the salt is inevitable. Likely, you may not be aware but you already have these illnesses, yet you keep on using a higher amount of Himalayan pink salt in your everyday life. The salt will be the triggering factor in developing or worsening these maladies. So, it is important that you know your limitations. You can’t always continue doing things that make you happy but will just soon take you to your death.

Using the Himalayan pink salt is not a bad thing to do at all. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is you need to limit yourself from using it. Just get the right amount for the day, and you will feel relieved. You can do whatever you want without worries. After all, your health should be a priority.

Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan Salt

The ingredients that make Pink Himalayan Salt a favorite among chefs in the culinary world also make it a replenishing bath salt!

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