green bean casserole recipe

Easy Green Bean Casserole Recipe – Tips for a Sumptuous Dish

This healthy, low-calorie, heartwarming, and delicious green bean casserole recipe make a healthy alternative to fried foods and table scraps. It’s a tasty low-carb meal that will feed your family for many weeks.

This dish contains spicy peppers and onions with some mild beans which provide a mild yet tasty flavor. The combination of this spicy pepper and onions with the mild beans and the creamy homemade tomato sauce make this dish a delicious dish you will not want to miss.

green bean casserole tomato sauce

To make this low-fat, low-carb green bean casserole recipe healthy, you should make your own homemade tomato sauce from scratch. Although you can buy tomato sauce from your local grocery store, nothing compares to the real taste of fresh tomatoes. Tomatoes give this dish its distinctive taste, and the tomato sauce is healthy too and provides a lot of health benefits. Make your own tomato sauce and have your family eating healthy green bean casseroles at the same time.

If you want a healthy tomato sauce recipe, start by combining crushed tomatoes (your choice) with olive oil, chili powder, garlic, onion powder, dried oregano, dried parsley, pepper, Himalayan salt or Black Truffle salt, and pepper to create your own unique tomato based seasoning blend. Then, puree the blended mixture in a blender until smooth. Now it’s time to heat things up. Heat your vegetable stock in a large non-stick pan over medium low heat. Place the blended tomato sauce in and mix thoroughly. Once mixed, cover the lid of the pot and let your sauce simmer for about an hour. The longer you allow the mixture to the stew, the thicker and more intense your tomato sauce will be.

The Green Bean Casserole Recipe

Prepare the Ingredients

To make this green bean casserole recipe, start by preparing the ingredients. You will need the following ingredients:

  • Vegetable Oil
  • Bell Peppers
  • Homemade Tomato Sauce / White Sauce
  • Dried Port Wine
  • Black Truffle Salt / Fleur De Sel
  • Cream of Mushroom
  • Mushrooms
  • Green Beans
green bean casserole recipe green beans

The Procedure:

First, you need oil for frying. You can use vegetable oil if you prefer but make sure it is a very light one. Next, you need onions and bell pepper. These two ingredients are necessary to combine in the blender.

Put all the ingredients into the blender until they blend well. At this point, it is also advisable to add sea salt to the green bean casserole recipe. You can either buy sea salt from your local health store or you can find this online. Both are good choices. Salt makes the green bean casserole crispy and the spicy crunchy topping satisfies everyone’s taste buds.

The next ingredient that you should add is a dried port wine, which makes the entire dish more palatable. A good green bean casserole recipe will need a mushroom soup. The mushrooms in the soup to make the green bean casserole more flavorful, but you can leave them out of the green bean casserole recipe if you want. If there are Port wine chips or powdered packets in the soup, then you can also skip them as well.

If you have never cooked with mushrooms before, then you might want to begin by roasting them until they are about half way done. If you are using canned mushrooms, then simply soak these in water for 30 minutes to remove the liquid. You can then strain these to create a creamy soup. If you are using fresh mushrooms, then drain them and rinse them off before beginning your oven cooking. After your soup has been strained, add in the nutritional facts and any other ingredients that you want as long as they are low fat, high in nutrition, and of course vegan.

easy green bean casserole recipe

Next, you will want to drain your excess water from your beans. Most casseroles will have a top rack that runs downward, which means that you will need to drain the excess water first. If you are using dried mushrooms, drain them and discard the skin. Any remaining green beans can be placed on top of your baked casserole. If using white sauce, simply drain this first and discard the excess white sauce.

Lastly, you will want to heat up the oven. Once the oven begins to crackle, your green beans are cooked and ready to serve. Let the casserole cool down and enjoy. Make sure that you allow the frozen green beans to thaw out for a few more hours before cooking again. It is important to remember that this dish should be served as soon as possible because its nutritional value won’t be as much if it has been stored at room temperature for several days.

Make your Green Bean Casserole Recipe More Flavorful with our Salt Products

Fleur De Sel

Fleur De Sel

A rare and expensive form of sea salt that is harvested in parts of France. Known to be one of the highest quality salts money can buy.

Himalayan Salt

Black Truffle Salt

Truffle salt is a mix of Kosher sea salt and real truffles that can be used in baking or sprinkled on top of main courses. Commonly, truffles are added to egg dishes and in pasta sauces.

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