Easy Slow Cooker Tips For Your Potatoes Recipe

Easy Slow Cooker Tips For Your Potatoes Recipe

A Potatoes Recipe is an all-time favorite

and is one of the most popular Indian recipes too. This Indian recipe has gone through a lot of evolution and today it is one of the most delicious dishes prepared using Indian spices. Indian cuisine is mostly based on four key spices and they are cardamom, cumin, coriander and fenugreek. The ingredients used in this recipe are mashed potatoes, butter, salt, flour and water or milk depending upon the recipe.


Chopped Potatoes Recipe

One of the most important aspects of the recipe is the way it is prepared.

Now, let us have a look at the different methods of preparing this mouth-watering recipe. In the first method, you will need to heat your oil, butter, salt and water. Once these ingredients are heated, you can then add the chopped potatoes into this pan and cover it with the help of a lid. Let it cook for some time so that the mixture gets brown and crisp.

You can then take out some of the pieces and add some herbs, garlic and cumin. Keep watching it so that it does not burn. In case, if you keep on watching, it will be burned. Once it becomes half done, you can place the cover over it and let it cook the other side. You can cook your roasted potatoes in this way for about 25 minutes to achieve the desired crispiness.



Another variation of the traditional Indian recipe

is to marinate the potatoes in some yogurt, white vinegar, turmeric powder, and salt for about twenty minutes. Once done, you can cover it and let it cook for some more minutes. If you want, you can sprinkle some coriander leaves into it for extra flavor.

If you think that your roasted potatoes are a bit dry, you can add some water in it. Just follow the same procedure mentioned earlier in case of adding water. You can then sprinkle some black pepper and some more cumin seeds or black peppercorns in it. Follow it up with salt and water to make sure that the ingredients get properly coated. Then cook it on medium heat. Add any spice that you think is needed for the taste.

An excellent Indian recipe for these potatoes includes roasted potatoes that are cut into wedges and cooked in an oven at 350F for about ten to fifteen minutes. The coating in it will be crispy. The reason for that is that garlic and turmeric powder are used for it.

If you are using this recipe frequently, you may like to use a baking sheet in between the roasting process. It is not only to prevent burning but also to evenly brown it. The other alternative is to use aluminum foil. In fact, I find it easier to bake this than using a baking sheet. Just remember to flip it over so that both sides get equal baking time. Remember to slide the baking sheet underneath the potatoes to cook it thoroughly.

potato recipes

Now it is time to enjoy your mouth-watering dish.

Make sure to serve it hot. This dish is best eaten immediately but can be warmed up on the next day. If you want to make it mild, just eat it with some butter or some oil to make it more appetizing. If you prefer it with sour cream, you can add some ice cubes too. A good meal is waiting for you!

To prepare for the recipe, you should first prepare all the items you will need such as the:

  • potatoes
  • cheese
  • milk
  • and butter.

When the ingredients are ready, you can start to mix them together. Make sure that you use the right amount of each ingredient especially the salt.

Put all the ingredients in your mixer and blend it well until the ingredients are well blended. Add your choice of seasonings, such as Worcestershire sauce, bacon drizzle, and fresh parsley. Mix it well. Scrape some of the mixtures into the bottom of your ramekin or baking sheet. Cover the pot with the foil and place the Potatoes Recipe in the middle.

ed potato recipe

Baking the potatoes in an oven can take about an hour or more depending on how quickly you can do the cooking. This is a slow cooker recipe and you have to make sure that the potatoes are done when you pull the dish out of the oven. If possible, put the Potatoes Recipe in the fridge to finish cooking overnight. The next morning, remove the ramekins from the oven, preheat your oven, and voila – you have a delectable dish recipe.

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