Why Exotic Salts will always be better than regular table salt

Why Exotic Salts will always be better than regular table salt

Regular table salt can never be exotic salt and vice versa. This is because exotic salts are in a class by themselves. They are special beyond special and healthy beyond healthy. They are the best choice for best tasting salt, as well, in addition. So, with this said, it is very clear to see why people should choose them over regular table salt any day. Exotic salts such as Himalayan, Alaea, Fleur De Sel, Sel Gris, for example, are just a sample of the awesome line of better salts on the average. They are the very natural salts of the earth. The salts that were blessed with lots of natural nutrients that are far better than what table salt can ever hope to offer by far.
Himalayan Salt

What is Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt is found deep within the very pristine Himalayan Mountains. It is an all pure and very natural form of salt that is totally hand-mined. It is a salt that has been crystallized for over 250 million years and all of its very ancient sea beds were covered with lava that did manage to protect them from any invading pollution from modern-day times. This knowledge also does pay credence to the belief that Himalayan Pink Salt is considered to be the most pure of all exotic salts on the planet. This salt has been praised by both health experts and culinary professionals for hundreds of years. It is because it is a very versatile and pure gourmet salt that has excellent purity and mineral content. No more needs to be said on it. It speaks perfection for itself.


Red Alaea Salt

What is Alaea Salt

Alaea Salt is also referred to as being Hawaiian Salt. It is an unrefined sea salt that is mixed together with a red alae volcanic clay. A lot of its pink and brownish color tones do come from this clay directly. It is a natural form of sea salt that is highly praised in Hawaii and is used to add great flavor to Native Hawaiian cuisine. Some of the dishes that it is used to season do include kalua, poke (food), and pipikalua that is no other than Hawaiian jerky. Alaea Salt is said to be very expensive and difficult to find outside of the Hawaiian islands.
Fleur De Sel

All About Some of The Other Wonderful Exotic Salt Offers

Fleur De Sel Salt is the crème de la crème when it comes to finishing salts. It’s name translates to Flower of Salt literally. This is because it is a premier salt variety that does originate from Guerande region of France and is totally comprised of young crystals of salt that do form naturally on top of the salt evaporation ponds. It is a fine salt that is prized by chefs everywhere who give it the nickname of “caviar of salts”. Sea Salt is considered to be broad term to denote any salt that is unrefined and does lie within a living ocean or sea. It is mainly harvested by allowing ocean water to channel into large clay trays and to allow the sun and wind to evaporate the sea salt naturally. Sea Salt does contain natural trace minerals that do include iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, manganese, and iodine. It has a pure and clean flavor like no other variety of natural salt out there. These are just two samples of the many wonderful and very exotic sea salts that are available on the market. Each of them is unique and has their own distinct kind of taste that people everywhere do appreciate in abundance. Sel Gris, Kosher Salt, and Black Lava Hawaiian Salt are also very special in their own ways too.


The benefits that do go along with these exotic salts from around the world aren’t all about health either. They are also about a very special taste that does highlight cuisine foods around the globe, as well, in addition. Therefore, do try these exotic salts from around the world, and you will never want to use regular table salt ever again.

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