The truth about Exotic Salts

The truth about Exotic Salts

Exotic Salts

Salt used to have a bad reputation at one time. However, due to the presence of some wonderful, and very tasty exotic salts from around the globe. Salt as a group is getting a good rep for the first time in a very long time. What is it about these exotic salts that have definitely stolen the spotlight? The answer is a very easy one to give. These exotic salts are very unique and in a league of their own. Regular table salt could never hope to hold a lantern to these awesome salt beauties that are all natural and bursting over with fantastic flavor that is distinctly all theirs and no one else.


Exotic Salts That Steal The Spotlight

Amid the spotlight for some of the most exotic of all salts. There are some that just were created by nature to be one of a kind and a real find. These very famous exotic salts were made entirely by the hand of Mother Nature and no one else. This is why they steal the spotlight and help to keep people’s health in the good light.


What makes Himalayan Salt so great?

Himalayan Salt is so great because it was designed to be so. There is no other way to say it or put it better. Himalayan Salt is mined in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. It gets its pretty pink color from minerals like iron and it has a biting taste like no other.

What makes Alaea Salt so fabulous?

Alaea Salt is from the Hawaiian islands. However, this isn’t what makes it in a class by itself. What does make it stand out is its reddish-pink mix that is a blend of sea salt and red Hawaiian volcanic clay. It is the iron oxide in the red clay itself that does give this amazing sea salt its very rich color. It can prove to be a very hard salt that does melt easily. Nonetheless, it has an excellent taste to it, and it is great to be rubbed on to kalua pig or steak.

Sea Salt


Some other sea salts that are just as super as these two

Fleur De Sel, Sel Gris, and Black Lava Hawaiian Salt are also just as equally great as the two spotlighted here. All of these exotic sea salts do come from different places around the world and do have their very own kind of different taste. Nonetheless, they are also very healthy to use in cooking and in meals. The health factor is just as prized for these sea salts as is their super taste when added to foods of all kinds.

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