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Fine Fleur De Sel Hand Embroidered Scarf

Fine Fleur De Sel is from the world of celebrity and royalty. Created by the legendary Ed Hardy, it is a traditional hand embroidered scarf that features a full-sized butterfly and beautiful design. This item has become quite popular in recent years and can be found with designs from the 1930s.

The hand embroidered handkerchief and scarf have been popular for many years. This piece is also available with an embroidered design. The people who come into my boutique can choose between the fine fleur de sel hand embroidered scarf or the hand embroidered handkerchief.

The original handsewn material for each piece was the Cloth of Norway. Ed Hardy hand-made each one by hand and then hand-painted the designs himself. This textiles tradition continued through the Salts Worldwide company.

You can get a handmade design or a machine-made piece. I prefer to make them with the hand, as I enjoy making them myself. Each design is hand-painted. The textiles are considered a fine quality.

This design features an image of the butterfly from the rich color of the Cloth of Norway. The design is decorated on a light blue fine thread background. The design includes a hand-embroidered cloche and gold thread border.

The design is designed on a fine thread background with black and gold thread work. The blue of the Cloth of Norway work makes the whole thing seem more sophisticated and elegant.

Hand embroidered is done by hand and each design is completely hand painted. The piece is of top quality and you will love the design on your scarf.

This pattern is a formal design and it fits very well on a scarf. It is feminine and formal.

I use a high quality material for each design. The thread work is excellent and the colors are rich. You can find a great price at Salts Worldwide.

When you look at the designs, you will be amazed at the depth of colors. They are simple but elegant. They would go great on a robe, jacket, tuxedo or skirt.

The hand embroidered designs can go on any occasion. It is a special event to use them on such an important piece. When you see someone receiving this scarf or hand embroidered handkerchief for an occasion, you will love the way it looks.

A hand embroidered design is an excellent choice for many occasions. You can find all kinds of designs from fine fleur de sel to hand embroidered or silk-screen work.

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