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Kosher Salt: A Wise Choice For Your Health

Fine ground kosher salt is a commonly used ingredient in Jewish food. In fact, there are several restaurants in the U.S. and in Israel that rely on kosher salts to help preserve their food and the customers’ enjoyment of it.

Kosher salt is widely available in most grocery stores as well as some health food stores. Many websites selling kosher salt offer free shipping.

Kosher salt contains trace amounts of the minerals manganese, magnesium, copper, sodium, potassium, and calcium. It also contains trace amounts of iron, iodine, phosphorous, chromium, molybdenum, selenium, and zinc.

Kosher salt is considered a de-mineralized salt and therefore is an excellent cooking and baking medium for yeast breads, buns, cakes, and pastries. It can be used to prepare coffee and other hot beverages.

Fine ground kosher salt is a great addition to the table at Jewish holiday meals. It adds a delicious flavor to foods like matzo ball soup, matzo balls, and hamentaschen, and it also adds wonderful color to light foods like ice cream and custard.

Salted peanuts add a unique salty flavor to your peanut butter. Sea salt in particular, in combination with unsalted peanuts, gives a great taste. It’s a great snack or summertime snack.

Salted almonds are another great snack and a healthy choice. Salted peanuts are healthy too, but salted almonds have a wonderful salty flavor. They’re best in sandwich spreads, but they’ll also pair nicely with fruit.

Salted sunflower seeds are a great snack, and they give a little more nutrition and fiber than the basic browned kind. Soak them in water overnight and they’re ready to eat. You can drizzle on olive oil to add to taste, or just eat plain!

A tiny bit of fresh flat leaf parsley sprinkled on top of baked bread will make your day. Fresh sage is both healthy and very tasty. Sage leaves are also great in salads.

Chopped raw onions and garlic can be added to any meal, though if you use it in the Old Testament style, you may want to use salt on top to help it taste like what you’re used to. Garlic will give a wonderful flavor to your pasta sauces, soups, and stews.

People in the Far East have been eating kosher salt for hundreds of years, using it to season their meat and vegetables. It seems that they have discovered the value of fine ground kosher salt and many restaurants in the United States and Israel feature kosher salts on their menus.

Salted walnuts are great for making nutty muffins. Sliced almonds are good for the skin on cooked fish and chicken. Salted pecans and walnuts can be added to your oatmeal, pancakes, and waffles.

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