Fleur de Sel

Have you ever made your favorite dish and it didn’t seem to come out the way you wanted it to, because the salt didn’t dissolve into the food correctly? Felt that graininess instead of a smoothed over flavor? Well, this will never happen again with Fleur de Sel! This salt is magnificent, just pinch it onto your food and it dissolves instantly! This is because normal table salt is made of around 7% water while Fleur de Sel is made of roughly 10% water. Meaning, Fleur de Sel will melt beautifully into food, especially moist foods. Try it with your favorite dish, you won’t regret it.
Hand harvested, sea salts with a moist taste. It is harvested by only swiping the top layer of the salt pans, before it reaches the bottom. So, you can be sure it’s of the best quality, if it is done any other way it is not true Fleur de Sel. Can you image having salt that is cultivated and sifted by hand? Delicious, you can taste the beautiful sand and salt as it mingles with the food in your mouth. Hand harvest is a great technique.
You can tell because every so often you will find grey specs of rich sand in the salt, proof of its earthy, moist nature. The nutritional factors make it sought after as well. Fleur de Sel is only 94% sodium chloride while normal table salt is made of 99.9% sodium chloride. It contains trace elements that are amazing for your body such as calcium (.2%), magnesium (.7%), potassium (.6%), and iron (11.1 mg/kg). You may not think this is much, but that point something percentage is more than you will receive in table salt so why not switch!
This high grade salt is used by chefs in high end restaurants to give an even taste of salt throughout their dishes. Keeping everything consistent with a mellow, yet distinct flavor in every bite. When you order cooked vegetables or meats in a restaurant you can be sure they are only using the highest quality, you family deserves the same treatment, don’t you think?
Fleur De Sel
Not only is this amazing for foods, but Fleur de Sel is also used in beauty products as a soft exfoliate for those with sensitive skin, no redness or puffiness. Personally, on those days I need to exfoliate my skin, I place a bit of it into my normal face wash and rub it onto my skin. It works and my skin feels smooth, soft and oh, so hydrated! Or even, place it in your skin toner for extra hydration and nutrients.
Melts like butter on toast, into your food. Use it as a apart of your beauty regimen. Keep your body healthy with extra nutrients you weren’t getting before with your table salt. It surprises me with how many ways you can make yourself healthier by just switching out a few things in your diet. Your body will thank you in more the one way. Not only that but your taste buds will say, “Smooth, salivating flavor. Keep it coming!” There are so many reasons to switch to Fleur de Sel. Which is yours?
ANY salt, in LARGE consumption is hazardous to your health. Although this salt is a better alternative to table salt it is not meant to be used in excessive portions. This is not a claim of a replacement for any medical practice. Do not use as a main source of nutrients, for this may result in organ failure. ALL salts can cause this, use with discretion.

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