What is Fleur De Sel

Salt is a major ingredient in our daily diet, it keeps us healthy and helps our body maintain equilibrium. However, salt that we consume everyday also known as table salt is not in very pure form. It has a lot of impurities which can be potentially harmful to the body. Similarly the table salt is generally harvested through artificial methods due to which the salt has to go through a very high temperature range which changes the chemical composition of several elements in salt. Hence, the salt loses its natural status.

To get rid of these negative points of common salts, we have other alternates as well. One of the best alternate of table salt is the Fleur De Sel. Known for its unrefined and delicate powdered form along with a matchless taste; it is one of the rarest and expensive salts available in the world. Guérande, France is the first place to have introduced Fleur De Sel to the world. The salt was made by collecting the upper layer of the sea salt in the earlier stages of sea salt harvesting process.

Fleur de Sel

Fleur De Sel has more minerals than common salt and is healthier because it is unprocessed and natural. One can easily distinguish Fleur De Sel because of the high moisture content in it. This salt is made up of 94-97% of Sodium Chloride followed by a tiny percentage of Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium and other components that are good for our health.

Despite the fact that Fleur De Sel is one of the most expensive salts in the world, it still is the number one choice of most of the chefs around the world because of its fine taste and health benefits. Try Fleur de Sel. You will love the way it mixes with every dish.

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