Gourmet Sea Salts

Gourmet Sea Salts

Sea salt is very popular among cooks everywhere, including many gourmet chefs, such as Rachael Ray and Gordon Ramsey. This natural salt product is preferred over table salt because of its strong flavoring in foods, its crunchy texture, and its varied coarse texture. Sea salt is created through an evaporation process of extracting it from oceans and saltwater lakes.
When organic sea salt is processed from these water environments, its trace remnants are valuable minerals, like potassium, calcium, magnesium, and others. Sea salt is used in a variety of food products, like snacking chips, popcorn, candies, and more.
There are a vast array of manufactured, gourmet sea salts that are produced in the United States and around the world. All of which, are very flavorful and available in coarse, fine, extra fine grains and grain sizes.

Crystalline Sea Salt

Crystalline sea salt stems from the sea coastlines from Portugal to Maine and the Pacific Rim. It contains both fine and coarse granules. It comes in a variety of colors, due to the minerals that it contains.

Flaked Sea Salt

Flaked sea salt for cooking is best used in steamed vegetables or sea foods. All you need to do is to take just a pinch of its crystals and sprinkle them on cooked foods. This sea salt is harvested from England’s Essex coastline. It is soft to the feel and has sheer, little flakes, which dissolve quickly.

Smoked Sea Salt

Smoked sea salt is America’s favorite gourmet sea salt for cooking.  It can be added to grilled foods, roasting foods, pastas, soups, salads, and sea foods. Smoked sea slat is slow smoked over real wood fires to infuse its salt crystals. Smoked sea salt is available in fine, coarse, and small flaky grain sizes.

Gourmet Sea Salts

Himalayan Pink salt

Himalayan Pink sea salt is not only used for its flavoring in cooking, but for many years, it has been used for its healing properties, in varying health conditions. Due to its rich antioxidants and antibacterial mineral properties, Himalayan Pink sea salt is used as a bathing therapy product for soothing sore muscles, to lower blood pressure, and remove toxins. In using this sea salt for cooking it is nutritious and very flavorful in all food groupings.

 International Sea Salts
There are other types of naturally processed gourmet sea salts  some of which include Fleur De Sel sea salt, Grey sea salt, Alaea Hawaiian sea salt, Australian Murray River sea salt or Pink Flake salt, Hawaiian Black sea salt, Italian sea salt, Spicy Curry sea salt, Szechuan sea salts, Pure Ocean sea salts, and many many more, especially in foreign countries. A lot of people just simply type sea salt buy on search engines to find sea salt.

Sea Salt Sodium Content

A teaspoon of traditional table salt, contains about 2,300 mg of sodium, but a teaspoon of sea salt contains less sodium because less sea salt crystals fit into a spoon. Some varieties of sea salt also have less sodium than table salts.

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