Hawaiian Black Lava Salt

Hawaiian Black Lava Salt

This is a lovely, smoky finishing salt that does the body good compared to your normal table salt. Often referred to as “volcanic” or “lava” salts because if its charcoal like properties and taste. Lava salts have incredible nutrients not found in “normal” salt. Most table salts have an average of 99.8% of sodium chloride which, in large amounts, can be damaging to your body at such a high rate. Considering we use salt in most recipes it is best to have this finishing salt on your foods because of the lower percentage of 84% with other trace elements that are nourishing to the body. Such as the detoxifying effects throughout the body, get rid of that toxicity in your body, with regular use. Calcium which is essential for healthy teeth and bones. Iron for your blood in the form of hemoglobin. Magnesium, important for cell regeneration. Even potassium, used in the body to regulate things like water and minerals. All of these are traces that can be found in Hawaiian black lava salt! So imagine the difference your body will feel by just switching this salt as your finishing salt. Its amazing really.

There were some studies done with the properties of electrolytes in this volcanic salt. The results, when the salt was placed into distilled water, which has no conducting properties what so ever, created a charge. A surprising result, which means that this salt can help in carrying nutrients through the blood stream to your cells. Also it tells the body to carry messages to the nerves that control, important organs such as the heart. Causing a more steady heart beat! Isn’t this crazy? Just from salt? I never would have thought such crazy results can happen from just switching out my table salt.

In very high end restaurants chefs use it as a topping for several recipes, because of its bold, savory, smoky flavor. It is a perfect top for your favorite recipes, I like to use it on seafood that has been grilled with charcoal or smoked, it adds to the smokiness of the dish that is unmatched. Also I use it on vegetable sides and for starter salads before a dish that has that smoked taste. As a perfecting ending, keep it going, use it as a topper for ice cream delights! You will be surprised at how yummy it is.

Black Salt

Not only a delicious finishing salt, but it can be used for a number of other things as well! In the cosmetic industry it is a very sought after salt for its nutrients. It is used in high end spas as an exfoliate, body salt scrub, and even masks. You can always buy some and make your own as well.
There are so many elements to this salt, it is worth it to take that step of purchasing. Foods, desserts, and even cosmetic purposes! Some of the best things in the world are tiny and Hawaiian black lava salts are no exception. Its delicious and better for you. Think of all the beautiful graces you will be blessed with just by switching. Your body will tell you what you need, but will you listen? Now that’s the question.

ANY salt, in LARGE consumption is hazardous to your health. Although this salt is a better alternative to table salt it is not meant to be used in large portions. This is not a claim of a replacement for any medical practice. Do not use as a main source of nutrients, for this may result in organ failure. ALL salts can cause this, use with discretion.

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