new study salt is good for you

A Study That Suggests Salt Is Good For You?

The studies that say salt is good for you are misleading. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says as much. In fact, the department says that the main basis for this contention is that certain types of seafood have higher levels of sodium in them than some other kinds.

The reason that different kinds of seafood have different sodium levels in them is because theyre all from different parts of the world and therefore, its difficult to make a study with a global perspective. However, in this article, Ill give you some evidence that Salt and the research that was done on it are not totally accurate.

Most of the salt in the human body is actually reabsorbed. This is known as exhalation. The ocean water that gets absorbed by the human body is not totally absorbed. Instead, what happens is that the salt will go right back into the blood, back to the kidneys, back to the heart, and back to the rest of the body where it goes right back out again.

When you drink something sweet, like coffee or tea, the caffeine and the sugar that are in those products get reabsorbed by the human body. Then, when you chew on a food that has been sweetened with artificial sweeteners like saccharin, the caffeine and the sugar are reabsorbed into the bloodstream. The salts that are in the sweet foods or the artificial sweeteners will then go right back into the kidney.

But when you eat salt, the salt stays in your system. In fact, it goes right back into your kidneys, back to the heart, and right back to the rest of the body. If you follow the instructions for the intake of salt, it does the same thing over again. You get a continual dose of salt without ever getting any benefit from it.

So, when you do the math, the answer is, salt is not good for you. Not only is salt bad for you, but so is the lack of salt in most foods. However, you can turn the tables on this issue by eating foods with the highest amounts of sodium.

For example, the high sodium content of a grape is not going to hurt you because the same amount of salt is going to come right out of your system through your sweat. On the other hand, if you eat a large fish that has the highest sodium levels in it, your kidneys are going to go haywire and theyre going to work overtime to flush the sodium out of your system. Not only will this cause extreme bloating, it could also cause kidney failure if youre not careful.

There are a number of very low sodium foods that contain very little sodium at all. These foods are called ketogenic foods. By removing most of the sodium in these foods, youre going to eliminate the symptoms that come along with it like diarrhea, stomach cramps, and heartburn.

Instead, your body will be looking to get rid of the sodium that it has to burn instead of adding more sodium that it didnt need in the first place. There are some very low sodium foods that are a part of the Atkins diet plan that will get rid of the symptoms that come along with salt but you have to know how to properly apply them.

If you are using the proper application, you should be able to lose significant amounts of weight that are very well on their way to burning off and stopping their disease of being overweight. This should even out your blood pressure, which in turn can lower your cholesterol and stop your high blood pressure.

For all these reasons, salt is not good for you. However, there are ways to replace it with foods that are lower in sodium. Its just a matter of learning the proper application.

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