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Collectible Gold Coins and Bullion – The United Salts Worldwide’s Fleur De Sel Collection

In 2020, the group of French Fortunists, The United Salts Worldwide, teamed up with various companies to publish a complete line of rare coins and rare bullion products. Along with this, they launched a series of commemorative items with rare gold bars, coins, and rare coins in circulation.

While they are now quite a well known trading partner to the collector world, especially with the Fleur De Sel in particular, what is perhaps more significant is the way that they made rare trading something that was not only interesting to collectors, but something that was a reliable way of earning a living and maintaining a financial means of living. Now, we’ll discuss the different items that they have created.

The Fleur De Sel was first issued by France around 1762 and is still one of the most valuable and desired coins that circulate throughout the world. In order to take the collectable aspect to a higher level, The United Salts Worldwide put together an image, a series of art pieces, and a number of collectibles that would appeal to the collector.

The first product released was the One Fleur De Sel. A rare coin and its actual monetary value had been appraised at five million euros. Included were the limited edition Certificate of Authenticity, numbered edition certificate, and Certificate of Decoration.

The next item released was the Fleur De Bourgogne Rare Coins. This was an art coin based on the portraits that are done by an artist named Victor Claverie. Each coin features an original painting of a nature scene or a cityscape.

The Au Petit Cherik – This was another rare coin that was released and included the limited edition Coin of the Year, a Certificate of Authenticity, and a limited edition certificate. This coin has a large image of a lady dressed in red walking with two children in a cart.

The Fleur De Laek Rare Coin and Certificate of Authenticity release involved three different artistic designs from artists that could be either French or German. The Fleur De Laek, is a famous portrait, was portrayed by American painter Luc Mestral. The title on the certificate is the French saying, ‘la fleur de laek’ meaning ‘the flower of love’.

The Fleur De Lys Rare Coin and Certificate of Authenticity are one of the most significant designs that the group put together. This collection features an abstract image of a woman who looks as if she’s about to get in a bath.

Another series of rare coins was the Fleur De Lys and Fleur De Les. These were based on real life women that exist today and when presented are very exclusive and should not be copied.

This was the first time the group put together a rare coin and the Fleur De Lys. This coin was based on a real life woman who walks towards the camera from right to left in front of a major church.

The Fleur De Lys was the first of the three and was found in a Luc Mestral designed depiction of a woman by the name of Cleopatra. Although there is no current gold value as of yet, this was one of the most desired items in the group and is still extremely popular today.

The Fleur De Sel was the last of the three releases, which included the Fleur De Les. This was the rarest coin from the group and in this release, the coin depicts a figure of a middle-aged woman with a vine encircling her left hand.

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