This will change how you view salt forever

This will change how you view salt forever

Sea Salt: What are six of the best salts?

What people think of salt, they don’t just think of table salt and that is it. This is because table salt is just that table salt. It is plan and not very healthy in a number of ways. So, with this said, one does have to branch out into other salt alternatives. What are these other salt alternatives? The answer is very clear. These other salt alternatives are going to be salts that are beyond mere table salt. They are the crème of the crop, the pick of the litter, and to be honest salts that are good for you in every respect. Something that regular table salt cannot even begin to boast at being. This is because table salt can be all things bad for not just a person, but for their health, and this is something that no one does want to be honest. Salt that is good for you, is salt, which does have lots of nutrition about it and not contain any really bad things for you.

A lot like eggs, salt has somehow seemed to have been able to shed its bad reputation a whole lot in the last few years. This is a very good thing in some instances, and these instances are all about some very good salts, salts that do go way beyond the quality of just table salt. It is exotic salts which are giving salt back its good name due to their many health rewards and wonderful individual tastes that are distinctly all their own from beginning to end. Six of the very best of all exotic salts from across the world will be examined here for all to get to know. This is because exotic salts are truly the finest of all salt products and they do contain health rewards and so very much more. The marketplace has well responded in kind to the new updates with salt and have filled their shelves with various kinds of salts that will appeal to everyone from everywhere. This is because a lot of these wonderful salts do come from various places around the world and not just in the United States. So, with this said, let’s share the great salt story for all to get to know better than ever before. This being that salt is now big in the good graces and good tastes of all those who do love it a great deal where their palate and health are concerned namely.

What separates these exotic salts from table salt is very obvious. Not only do they taste far better than regular table salt. They also come in different types, textures, and flavors that are very fun to try out! However, when you do tend to try them once, you will return to them again and again.

These exotic salts are usually designed by the hand of Mother Nature and they are fun and fancy in every way. You cannot say the very same about plain table salt. Plain table salt is simply plain and that is it. There is nothing adventurous or bold about its taste. It is simply ordinary in description.


Fleur de Sel

Fleur de Sel

The first exotic salt to be featured on the list of ten top best of all exotic salts is no other than is Fleur de Sel. Fleur de Sel originates from southern France. Some do say that this excellent exotic salt did come from the town of Guerande in France. Guerande is located in the French province of Brittany. It is a light and snowy kind of sea salt that is hand harvested. Due to this fact it can tend to be very expensive in price and is best used to finish dishes to enjoy its crunch and flavor at the very same time. This fabulous salt is totally wonderful in taste and can highly compliment all sorts of foods from Parker House Rolls to streamed new potatoes to sweets that will benefit greatly from its delightful flavor.

This flower of salt is hand harvested especially between the months of May and September. The salt fields that are located in Guerande are said to be long and narrow. This is so that the salt harvester is able to successfully sweep the top of any evaporating sea water in order to harvest the Fleur De Sel. This is hand harvested salt that does have a grayish cast to it. Any sea water that is harvested is taken to an area that is lined with clay. It is the sun and wind that do help to evaporate the water directly and the layers of natural salt are then raked away fully.

A single day’s evaporation of salt crust is what is known as Fleur de Sel. In every 80 pounds of Sel Gris that is produced, there is only one pound of Fleur de Sel that is harvested! Fleur de Sel is a salt that is very rich in trace elements. It also has a taste that is very complex in that it does contain both a balance of the sea itself and lots of its abundant minerals. The small flake crystals that do belong to Fleur de Sel are something that do have a moist texture about it. It is also greyish-pink in color and is often used instead of a spice. Fleur de Sel is the perfect complement every time for salads and raw vegetables that are fresh off of the vine. It can even make the taste of grilled meat and fish something all the more better to.

Fleur de Sel is known as being one of the highest quality of all salts that money can buy. Nonetheless, what makes it stand out the most is that it is an exotic salt that does have very high mineral content as an extra kind of bonus attached to it.

Fleur de Sel is best utilized as being in a salt shaker or to be applied directly as a type of finishing salt.


Sel Gris

French Grey Salt

The next exotic salt that is the best is no other than French Grey Salt. What is great about this exotic salt is very apparent. It is the exotic salt that is made in the very same ponds as is Fleur de Sel. Salt. It is also called Sel Gris to, as well. French Grey Salt, which is also an exotic salt that is not refined at all, it is raked out from the salt ponds by hand, and is not skimmed from the top very carefully like that of its more expensive cousin called Fleur de Sel. Its light grey tint color comes directly from the clay. The clay minerals are something that does line the pond itself. It is an exotic salt in description, but far cheaper than Fleur de Sel, and it makes a very good form of table salt indeed.


Red Alaea Salt

Red Alaea Salt

The third exotic salt is no other than Red Alaea Sea Salt. What makes this reddish-pink exotic salt wonderful is not just its unique color. It also is an exotic salt that does have something wonderful in its mix and that is no other than Hawaiian volcanic clay that is called Alaea. Alaea is a red colored volcanic clay that has iron oxide in it. It is this iron dioxide that does truly color the reality of this very fine exotic salt. There are many people out there who do love Hawaiian Red Sea Salt a whole lot. This is because they can put it on to different foods that they do like and appreciate it a whole lot. It is very good to rub into steak or kalua pig, since it is a very hard salt that doesn’t melt down easily. It is a great extra ingredient to add when precooking something or to crush finely on to any chicken or fish that you do have cooking as a rule.

Red Alaea Sea Salt has been a continuous part of Hawaiian history and tradition for a very long time. Alaea Sea Salt has been used in many ceremonies that do cleanse, purify, and bless any tools, canoes, and also in the healing process for medicinal purposes. This exotic sea salt became to be known as the the official seasoning for Hawaiian dishes. Some of these Hawaiian dishes do include Kalua Pig, poke, and Hawaiian jerky.



Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt

The fourth exotic sea salt of the best sea salts is Himalayan Salt. Himalayan Salt is a premium sea salt that is mined straight from the Himalayan Mountains. This salt comes from the Himalayan foothills in a big chunk form. This big chunk form is often sold with a grater to those who do appreciate this awesome sea salt in all its taste and glory.

Himalayan Pink Salt is very special beyond just its bold pink color. It is a highly prized exotic salt for its own reasons. If you want a salt that can make your day from a palate perspective, this salt is definitely for you. It has also been dubbed as being one of the most attractive of all salts on the planet because of its translucent light pink color. However, what makes Pink Himalayan Salt stand out is very obvious. It is a prized salt that does have a special crunch that people do like a whole lot. It is also pure and unrefined, as well, in addition. Despite the fact that it indeed healthy to consume, it is still something that does need to be done in moderation, because after all, it is still salt in essence. Too much salt intake of any kind can translate to health problems such as high blood pressure and water retention. It contains a high level of trace elements, which are compliments of nature!



Black Lava Hawaiian Sea Salt

Black Lava Hawaiian Salt

The fifth exotic salt up for review is no other than Black Lava Hawaiian Salt. Black Lava Hawaiian Sea Salt is very different from Kala Namak Salt. This is because it is a Hawaiian black salt that is truly black salt in every respect. It is made by mixing sea salt together with activated volcanic charcoal. There are some who swear that this exotic salt does indeed have detoxifying properties about it. However, what it is most known for is obvious, and that is its dramatic effect when added to foods as a finishing salt. Cyprus black lava salt is prepared in the very same way as Hiwa Kai. It is Mediterranean sea salt that is used as the main ingredient.


Kala Namak

The sixth exotic salt under review will be no other than Kala Namak. Kala Namak is often called black salt, but it is actually grayish-purple or pink in color. It is not a salt to be confused with other black salts. Therefore, this black Indian rock salt is very pungent in smell, and is said to smell like rotten eggs by some. This smell comes directly from its sulfur content. However, it is a condiment that is used in South Asia, and which is comprised largely of sodium chloride. It is the presence of impurities in this salt that does give it the color and scent that it does possess overall. Because of the fact that there is Gregite in its mineral, this exotic salt can appear as two different colors at times, and these two colors are varied depending on its present state. If this salt is whole. It will be brownish pink to dark violet in color. However, if it is ground up, it will appear to be light purple to pink in cast.

Kala Namak is an exotic salt that is used in a lot of South Asian cuisine dishes for Bangladesh, India, and also Pakistan. In addition to fine cuisine dishes, it can be used as a condiment, to salads, chutneys, chaats, raitas, many fruits of all kinds, and many other delectable snacks. Vegans also appreciate Kala Namak, who like dishes that copy the taste of eggs in them!



What are the different salt types out there?

Knowing the difference between certain types of salt can help you out in a big way. This is especially true if you are into cooking a great deal and should know what the differences are whenever you do cook. Different salts have not only different tastes to them. They also do have various origins, textures, and so forth. Therefore, do know your salt types, and know them well.

The first salt type is no other than Kosher salt. Kosher salt comes from either the earth or the sea. They can be bought for about one dollar per pound and they are available at your local supermarket. The texture of Kosher salt is coarse and this is why it is easy to pinch just the right amount that you do need. Kosher salt can be used for all sorts of cooking from A to Z. It also dissolves fast and does disperse, very well, and this is why chefs do recommend its use on everything from seasoning meat to throwing on to popcorn.

The next salt type up for review is no other than crystalline sea salt. Crystalline sea salt comes from various coasts here and there. Some of these coasts do include the coasts of Portugal to Maine and California to the Pacific Rim. Its specific texture can be either fine or coarse in description and it does tend to vary in color depending on what kind of minerals it does contain. If it does contain iron-rich red clay for example, it’s color can tend to be pinkish in color like Hawaiian Sea Salt is. It is the irregular size of the crystals themselves that do determine how fast the salt does dissolve overall. The natural impurities of this type of salt can also affect the taste of the salt to. The tastes can range from being that of being very bring to sweet to bitter in flavor. Crystalline sea salt can used mainly to add a pungent and burst of flavor to foods that are just cooked. Some of these foods do include anything from a fresh salad to a salmon fillet.

Fleur de Sel is a table salt that is used for special occasions. It comes directly from the coastal salt ponds in France. Fleur de Sel can only be hand harvested when the conditions are right for doing so. There has to be the presence of lots of sun and wind for it to be just right. These specific conditions do help it to bloom very successfully atop water just like flowers almost. Its texture is very crystalline, delicate, and it can literally melt slowly within the mouth. It has a flavor that is described as being earthy and delicious to the palate. It has a perfect hint of saltiness and can be used to sprinkle atop food that is about to be eaten. This salt is called the “caviar” of all salts.

The next salt type is rock salt. Rock salt comes from deposits in the earth where is mined. Rock salt is not sold to be put directly on to foods. If anything, it is packaged in an organic, and unprocessed sort of way. It has large and very chunky crystals that are not uniform at all. It also has a grayish color that is due to its minerals and other impurities that aren’t at all harmful. Rock salt is used mainly for the making of ice cream and for deicing.

The last salt type is no other than pickling salt. Pickling salt is just like table salt. It can come directly from the earth or the sea in origin. However, it is not fortified with any iodine, which table salt does possess in abundance. So, this is the one difference between them. It also doesn’t contain any anti-caking chemicals at all. It is used mainly for brining things such as pickles, sauerkraut, and turkeys. Nonetheless, pickling salt is a lot more concentrated than kosher salt, and being that it is. You should use a lot less of it to cook with than with regular kosher salt. The texture of pickling salt is very fine-grained like table salt. It is also described as being 100% sodium chloride, which does make it the purest form of all salts.

Knowing the difference between these types of salts can make a major difference when it comes to your cooked dishes. This is because each salt has a defined purpose in its own way where food is concerned.



Dead Sea Salt

What is one salt that is used for good health reasons and therapy?

Just as much as salts do color the food world by providing lots of unique and wondrous flavors in the form of gourmet salts. There is also very special salts that are used for health and therapy. One of the most popular of all health and therapy salts is no than Epsom Salts. Epsom salts have long since been known as being a natural remedy in the treatment of a wide variety of health ailments. This is because it does have many health benefits, as well as, natural beauty rewards attached to it.

Another great salt is Dead Sea Salt, it is used in Spas across the world, people travel from all around the world to bath in the Dead Sea.

Epsom salt is named after a saline spring that is bitter, and is located in, at Epsom Surrey, England. Epsom isn’t a salt at all. It is a mineral compound that is comprised purely of only magnesium and sulfate. In addition to, having lots of health and beauty benefits, it also can be used for household and gardening issues to.

There have been numerous studies done on Epsom salts and has been learned is this. Magnesium and sulfate are two things that are quickly absorbed by human skin. These two minerals have lots of amazing health benefits and they are in Epsom salt. This is why Epsom salt baths are so great when it comes to getting all the health benefits that are possible. Magnesium does naturally regulate the activities that are associated with more than 325 enzymes in the human body. It lessens the presence of inflammation, assists muscle and nerve function, and also stops hardening of the arteries. Sulfates are also able to flush toxins from the body, improve absorption of nutrients, and help out the pain of migraine headaches.

All that Epsom salt can do is something that has been known and documented for hundreds of years. This is why it is very unique and unlike any other salts out there. It has beneficial properties that are all about promoting good health, as well as, soothing the mind, body, and soul.

Epsom Salt

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