where does himalayan pink salt come from

where does himalayan pink salt come from

Where Does Himalayan Pink Salt Come From?

In my research on where does Himalayan pink salt come from, I came across a very interesting tidbit. One of the worlds largest salt companies is owned by a company in India, but there are plenty of Indian companies, as well as other large Indian companies, that produce it, too. Heres a brief explanation:

Mehndi is a white colored salt that comes from the Himalayas of Nepal. If you want to see it in use, youll probably need to buy some to take home and play with.

Imagine yourself with your back to the Himalayas, close to the shores of China, sitting on a rock with your head tucked up under a blanket, and youre surrounded by miles of open ocean. You cant see whats beyond the horizon, but you see an array of mehndi beach houses.

And these mehndi beaches are nothing like those of Asia, where many people live hermit crabs for food and luxury. And these mehndi beaches are largely deserted, due to the fact that no one lives around them.

Not so with the mehndi beaches of India. Most of the beach houses in these mehndi villages are actually hermit crabs. The mehndi crab business in India depends entirely on demand and supply. As a result, there are plenty of supply companies around the world that are able to provide you with this highly coveted and valuable mehndi salt.

Do you like buying, like most people who buy Himalayan pink salt, on the Internet? If so, you have plenty of options. I got quite a few offers at once, which was a bit daunting.

When you shop for Himalayan pink salt on the Internet, youre actually buying a service. One mehndi beach house is available for everyone to see on the Internet, but all the other mehndi beach houses are sold out. So you get to see just one mehndi house, but you get it at a steep discount.

Another way to get Himalayan pink salt is to use a local vendor, and get your salt delivered to your door. These Indian vendors are known as sea salt dealers.

You need to keep in mind that sea salt, if youre buying from an actual sea salt dealer, is a grade of salt that has been processed and filtered. It also has to be good quality, so you might want to take this into consideration when youre deciding on the salt that you want to buy.

For this reason, many individuals who enjoy salty cravings also find Himalayan pink salt to be quite tasty. Whether or not you buy it on the Internet, you can easily find sellers of this salt online.

Buying Himalayan pink salt at a local vendor costs less, because the salt comes from a better source. You can find the salt vendor online as well, or you can call or look in your local phone book for him. Just make sure to check for his watermark or other identifying marks to be sure that the seller is really selling pure salt.

Okay, so the mystery of where does Himalayan pink salt come from has been solved. Dont ask me why its there, but Ill leave that to you. Whats most important is that you can now buy this highly sought after yellow salt to add to your daily meals, for relaxation and pleasure.

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