Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt Beginnings

Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt Beginnings

Native Hawaiians have long used alaea sea salt in their cultural ceremonies, like blessing tools, cleansing and purifying their canoes, or in healing rituals for different medical purposes. In traditional seasoning, the Hawaiian alaea salt has been used in native dishes, especially in meat dishes. The Alaea Hawaiian salt is very favorable and its beautiful trace mineral coloring, looks great on a variety of foods. This Hawaiian alaea sea salt is harvested from the Pacific waters, using an evaporation method

As a natural Hawaiian salt, the Alaea sea salt is infused with the Hawaiian volcanic clay that is called “alae” and it is where it gets is beautiful red color. The alae clay also contains rich minerals and nutrients, like iron, calcium, and other healthy ingredients. Adding alaea salt helps to increase its health benefits, because it is made up of over 80 different minerals that no other salts have, including healthy electrolytes with an increased 9% pH level.

Gourmet sea salts, like alaea Hawaiian sea salt, is processed, using a unique method, so that processing does not destroy the salt’s crystal nutrients. The sodium content is lower than traditional table salt and is good for the body’s health. This coarse hawaiian alaea sea salt is used in heavy stews, grilled meats, grilled vegetables, sushi dishes, salads, pastas, and of course, oven and grilled pork dishes. Hawaiian alaea sea salt tastes better than traditional salt and it has a less salty taste, but a sweet flavorful taste that helps to enhance the foods that it is used in cooking dishes.

Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt

Benefits of Sea Salts

Healthy sea salts, like Hawaiian salt involves:

  1. Helps in controlling our blood sugar levels
  2. Supports thyroid functions
  3. Natural antihistamine
  4. Prevents varicose and spider veins
  5. Helps to maintain muscle tone and strength
  6. It is used to treat mood disorders.

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