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Sea Salt

Now that you know why we are here and what we’re trying to do, we’d like to go a step farther. Yes, we want everyone to learn to welcome salt into their diets in moderation again, but we also want to preserve and restore the Earth’s ecosystem.

Did you know that there is a healthy and unhealthy salt? Our salts are healthier because they aren’t refined and have no anti-caking agents or preservatives in them. We’re highly dedicated to giving our customers all-natural salts that can be used every day. Just use our salt instead of a traditional bath or table salt. Often, table salt is stripped of its natural minerals, heavily processed, and contains a variety of additives to help prevent clumping. Therefore, we started our mission to reeducate everyone on the benefits of salt. Since then, we’ve looked into varieties of ‘healthy salt.’ Yes, they are out there, and we’ve found a few options that we now offer to you.

Our unrefined sea salts are rich in minerals and vitamins unless your typical table salt. Of course, our journey doesn’t end with finding healthy salts for our customers. That’s only the beginning. Now, we’re focused on educating the world on the benefits and power of using unrefined salt.

Still, we aren’t done. Yes, these two things are doing wonders for those who love salt and feared having to remove it from their diets altogether. However, our ecosystem is failing. From massive deforestation to ocean pollution. Right now, you could go to any ocean and see scores of plastic bottles, rings, and other items that are polluting the waters and endangering the oceanic animals that we find majestic, graceful, and essential for life.

Therefore, our mission is now to counteract these negative effects. We’re making sure that we’re doing everything we can to revive and protect our ecosystem, and we’re doing it one sale at a time.

When you buy any of our salt products, a portion of the purchase goes toward protecting and restoring the Earth’s ecosystem.



Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan Salt

The ingredients that make Pink Himalayan Salt a favorite among chefs in the culinary world also make it a replenishing bath salt!

Black Truffle Salt

Black Truffle Salt

Black Truffles are highly sought after mushrooms without stems known as “Black Diamonds”.  Black truffle salt is an excellent way to add this rare ingredient to dishes without the exorbitant cost.

Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea Salt

Our Dead Sea Salt is 100% pure and authentic!  It is not processed or refined, it is the highest quality of dead sea salt that is available.

Fleur de Sel

Fleur De Sel

A rare and expensive form of sea salt that is harvested in parts of France. Known to be one of the highest quality salts money can buy.

Our Sea Salt Products

For Delicious-tasting Kosher Salt, Choose Our Brand

Salt is everywhere, and it is what flavors your food, adds layers of flavor while cooking, and more. However, most people are most familiar with traditional table salt. This can be suitable for most situations, but we think that you deserve something a little better and worldlier.

Salts Worldwide Sea Salt

At Salts Worldwide, we offer four different salt stylings with a salt sample pack. We’re so proud of our sample pack because it gives you the chance to taste all of the salts from all over the world.

Kosher Salt

Imagine traveling to Pakistan to see the picturesque hills and the Khewra Salt Mine, where our Himalayan Salt is mined, or going to Israel to the Dead Sea to get authentic Dead Sea Salt. You probably can’t do that because it seems so hard to travel so far just for salt. This is why we are the best supplier of salt because we do all of the hard work for you to ensure that the products we produce are delicious, authentic, & pure.

Unrefined Salt

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Our most popular sea salt products and collections, selected by our customers.

When you purchase any product or collection below, a portion of the proceeds will go towards restoring the Earth’s ecosystem!

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Black Truffle Salt
Fleur De Sel
Himalayan Salt

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Sea Salts

In a sense, salt is what brings life. It’s essential to it. Our salt is designed to taste better, be healthier (with more nutrients), and add pizzazz to any meal. Think about this for a moment: If you eliminated salt from the world, life everywhere would eventually perish.

Salt is being made into a villain when it is not. Yes, too much is not good, and most processed foods (think frozen dinners and the like) are full of it. Table salt has gotten a bad reputation because it seems that the more you eat, the more you want to eat. We aren’t here to judge anyone and their love or dislike of salt.

Instead, we are dedicated to showing the world that salt is the good guy when used appropriately. The key to enjoying its many benefits is to use one of our mineral-rich products.

Salt Is Our Business

We’ve made it our business to teach others about salt. So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to our products. We’ll talk extensively about each one, where it came from, and why it’s beneficial. That way, you have a better understanding of what’s available and how to use it.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan pink salt is all the rage right now, and people are using it more than traditional table salt. Our product comes from the Kewra Salt Mine located in Pakistan, and it is mined by hand. The mine itself is located in the range of picturesque hills that spans miles of Pakistan, in the Salt Range foothills.

Of course, the interesting factor of this salt is that it is reddish or pink in color rather than white. This happens because of the stone where the salt sits, as well as millions of years of time. While most table salt has had all of the nutrients removed, ours is unrefined. Therefore, it contains magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium, all of which your body needs to function and be healthy. Plus, our Himalayan salt is proven to have 80 different trace elements.

Himalayan Salt

The Himalayas

It’s possible to travel to the Himalayan Mountains, and people do it all the time. However, you may find it tough to climb to the top. Most people shy away from the area because it’s not known for its tourism.

However, it’s a beautiful location, so if you’re planning a trip there, you will know where your salt comes from. If you do ever have the opportunity to visit, you must go to the Khewra Salt Mine. It’s a fantastic spot with piles of salt everywhere. There are also many salt bricks that have been shaped and decorated. This is the largest salt mine in Pakistan, and it’s also considered the second-largest anywhere in the world.

Dead Sea Salt

The Dead Sea is well-known for having therapeutic properties. Its waters contain many minerals, such as bromide and magnesium. The mud can be used as clay, but the salt mined from the Sea can relieve a variety of skin ailments.

Our Dead Sea salt comes straight from Israel, from the southern part of the Ocean. It features a high mineral content with a naturally white color. The beauty is that our salt has never been refined, so it is authentic and 100 percent pure. You’ll find that it’s the same salt that is used in spas and treatment centers throughout Israel.

Dead Sea Salt

The Dead Sea

Most people dream of going to the Dead Sea, but it might be hard to get there. You’ll find that there is a small salt lake in the Jordan Rift Valley. It’s a popular tourist spot because it claims to have healing waters. It’s full of vitamins and minerals that will benefit the hair, nails, and skin. These can include magnesium, calcium, and sulfur, among others.

Coarse Salt

You may not know much about the Dead Sea. It’s unique because there isn’t any aquatic life since the lake features a higher-than-normal salt content. The spot is located in the desert and sits about 1,200 feet beneath sea level. The water in the lake can’t flow outward, but water can get inside. This is why there’s always an abundance of water with such concentrated minerals. Of course, we’d love for everyone to go to the Dead Sea at least once to see this beautiful lake in person. However, we realize this is impossible, so we have made sure to bring the best salt from the location to your home.

Dead Sea Salt

Black Truffle Salt

Truffles are one of the most expensive items available, and they’re highly prized. Primarily, they are found in Europe, but they’re underground. Most notably, you will find them in France. They’re considered a fungus, just like mushrooms, so they tend to have a nutty, earthy taste. These black diamonds, as they are called, can only be found at certain times of the year. Often, they are hunted by pigs who are trained to spot them. This means it is hard for people to get their hands on them without help. It’s also what makes them so rare and expensive. Though you could easily go to France and buy black truffles from the source, it’s unlikely that you’ll do that. Most people will never take such a lavish trip, and once there, they won’t want to spend such money.

Black Truffle Salt

Choose the Best

When it comes to black truffle salt, you may wonder about its appearance. Yes, it contains real black truffles in it, but it’s not a ‘black’ salt. It is still a pure Kosher sea salt, but there are bits of real truffles mixed into it. You’ll see the tiny black bits.

Because there are real truffles inside the bag, you can expect to pay more than you would for traditional sea salt. Still, the second the flavors burst on your tongue, you’ll be sure you made the right decision to try it.

Our black truffle salt is designed to be used in dishes and as a seasoning when the meal is finished. It isn’t recommended to use the product for therapeutic purposes because of the higher price. However, it would still make an excellent foot or face scrub. Often, truffles and our black truffle salt are added to pasta sauces and egg dishes. It gives off such a rich flavor, which adds more warmth to it and gives a feeling of being comfort food. Though a little on the pricey side, it’s still affordable when compared to actual black truffles from France.

Whether it’s a macaroni-and-cheese kind of night or a filet mignon evening, adding our black truffle salt to the meal will add a flare you’d be hard-pressed to find outside of a five-star restaurant.

Fleur de Sel

When most people see the word fleur de sel, they know it means a fancy, French salt, but they don’t know the history or story behind it. The term, translated, means flower of salt. Now, salt doesn’t have flowers, and there aren’t any flowers crushed into it or anything. In reality, the salt is hand-harvested from a small lake in Brittany. When the delicate salt ‘blooms’ come to the top of the pond, they are immediately and carefully skimmed from the top. This ensures that the purest crystals are found.

In the past, only women were allowed to harvest fleur de sel because it was thought that women were the only ones delicate enough to be gentle with the salt. Now, however, men are allowed to help, though there are few male paludiers still to this day. Once it’s harvested, it is set to dry for a year. This helps it lose the pink hue and turn it pure white.

Fleur de Sel

Salts Worldwide For The Very Best

Our goal is to ensure that you get the best salt products. While you could go to the source, it is much easier to buy from a reputable dealer. We make sure that our salt is never crushed or ground.

While some of the tender flakes might break down a bit from shipping, they are still flaky and large with a crunchy texture. This is what makes fleur de sel what it is. You’ll find that top chefs from all over the world use this salt because it is moist, delicate, light, and delicious. It adds a little something extra to any dish. Though it’s primarily used on savory foods, such as meats, pasta, vegetables, risotto, and salad, it can also be sprinkled onto chocolates and candy. Instead of ‘sea salt’ caramels, you can upgrade to fleur de sel caramels!

We find that it works best to add it to your finished dish right before you serve it. Of course, there’s an art to sprinkling our salt. With three fingers held together, take a pinch and raise it high above your dish. Using a circular pattern, let the beautiful flakes fall while lightly crushing them between the fingers. Serve the food immediately and taste that delicious burst of saltiness with that amazing crunch when you get a fleck. It will change the way you enjoy your meal from now on!


At Salts Worldwide, we understand that you need the very best Himalayan pink salt. You’re not likely to go to the source, so we have found a way to bring it to you. It’s completely pure and unprocessed, so you don’t have to deal with fillers.

The best news is that you can cook with our Himalayan salt, just like you would with table salt. Add it to sauces and marinades, use it while cooking meat and vegetables, or add it to your dish at the end of the meal for a burst of fresh flavor.

You’ve probably heard that Himalayan salt has many therapeutic properties. Many people have jumped on the bandwagon for salt lamps, but these can be expensive and hard to use and clean. Instead, you can just eat our salt or use it to make foot soaks, scrubs, and more.

Make a facial spray to help your skin glow and look more youthful. Consider using it in a beverage to boost electrolytes or swish it around with water to soothe your painful throat. It’s also possible to purify the air, clean out the nasal passages, and make a bath salt with it.

This product is one of a kind, and we are sure that you will see amazing results when using it. Once you try it, you’ll be back for more again and again!

Salts Worldwide Sea Salt
Pink Himalayan Salt

Bath Salt

The difference between our Dead Sea salt and other products is that it can’t be eaten. It’s quite bitter because it does have such a high sodium content. Instead, you use it therapeutically to be absorbed through the hair and skin.

How do you use it, then?

There are endless ‘recipes’ out there giving you options, but we’ve found that it is best to use our Dead Sea salt to exfoliate the skin. Simply rub some of the salt over your wet body and let it clear away dead skin cells and more. If you suffer from psoriasis or eczema, you may want to use it as a foot or body soak. Simply fill your tub with warm water, add plenty of our salt, and let it dissolve. Soak the body in the tub for 20 to 30 minutes, allowing the salty water to get all over the skin. Within a few days, you’ll notice softer skin that has less acne and breakouts.

A bath soak is also effective for people that have frequent muscle cramps, arthritis, and joint issues.You’ll also find that you can use our Dead Sea salt as a hair rinse. After washing it, towel dry and use your conditioner and our salt to create a gentle massaging mixture. It will help to remove dead skin cells from the hair, but it will also leave your hair shiny and soft. The minerals in our Dead Sea salt can also strengthen the nails. You’ll find that they are stronger and look better after soaking your fingertips (and the full hand!) in the Dead Sea salt and water mixture. It’s also possible to use our salt in a steam bath. Simply add salt to hot/boiling water and breathe in the steam. This can clear up allergies and head congestion. If you can, use it in a small room to create your own sauna. That way, you allow the body to sweat out impurities and toxins.

We know that when you’re looking for ways to use salt, therapeutic options are ideal. It doesn’t add to your salt intake and ensures that you have a healthy body. Let us prove our Dead Sea salt is better than the rest!

Choose Any of Our Delicious Salts from Around the World

It’s easy to forget that the table salt in the shaker isn’t the only type of salt out there. While it might be Kosher, it doesn’t contain all of the minerals and vitamins that our salt provides. It tastes flat because all of its properties have been stripped away through chemical processes.

Though you may be used to it, we hope to change your mind. You may want to try the popular Himalayan salt that can be eaten or used therapeutically, or you might consider our Dead Sea salt for its only-therapeutic benefits. If you’re looking for something luxury and high-end, you’ve got the black truffle salt or our fleur de sel. Both options are perfect for savory dishes and will heighten your meal to a new degree.

At Salts Worldwide, it is our goal to give you an amazing salt experience. You’ll achieve amazing results while using our products and will fall back in love with salt. Just try it ones, and you’re sure to come back to buy more!

More About Us

We know that you primarily want to learn about our delicious salt products, but we wanted to give you some background on us and our cause. This will help you understand why we’re here and why we’re the best in the industry. Plus, it’s good to know more about the companies you choose to work with so that you can feel confident that they are honest and trustworthy.

Here, we’re passionate about salt and desire to give you only the best products possible. That’s not all, though, because our mission is actually to save the world, and we do it one grain at a time!

Our specialty is salt that is all-natural, regardless of the flavor or style. Of course, each of our salt products is unrefined and Kosher-certified. This means you can use it as you wish for cooking, seasoning, or therapeutic methods. Plus, they are not processed, so they are more flavorful.

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