French Grey Salt – Sel Gris – Harvested from the Celtic Region

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Sel Gris

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French Grey Salt

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  • French Grey Salt
  • Grain size – Fine
  • Properties – Light Gray Natural Color, Kosher, Certified by “Nature & Progrès” in France.
  • Shelf Life – 10 Years
  • Please take note due to the salt’s natural harvesting process it could arrive slightly damp due to moisture within the salts.

Sel Gris is a wonderful condiment which could compliment any table because of it’s great flavor. For a touch of elegance it can be served in a small pot with a silver spoon for your family and friends to sprinkle on their meal. This sea salt is used by top chefs not only in France, but around the entire world. This sea salt is created from the current of water that flows to the Guerande Marshes in France, during the higher tides. It is not harvested by machines, but by workers using their hands and wooden tools with traditions that date back for generations. This salt obtains its’ grey natural coloring from the crystallization process on the clay. Take note our French Grey Salt carries the “Nature & Progrès” certification from France and it is the way nature intended, 100% natural goodness!

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Artisan Celtic French Salt is harvested in Brittany in France. It comes from the beautiful islands of Noirmoutier and Île de Ré. Here the unique salt sea ponds are categorized as a cherished national treasure. Ancient methods, which have been in use for thousands of years, are still used today to harvest natural gray Celtic French salt. Not only is the water in this region of France pristine but it also contains a higher concentration of mineral rich brine. The seawater in this area of the Celtic coast is known for its mineral-dense water.

Celtic French Salt is renowned as an absolutely natural and nutritious salt because it contains a range of essential naturally occurring minerals. There are no harmful additives and nothing is removed from the Sel Gris. It is lower in sodium chloride and an entirely natural source of more than 80 critical trace elements and minerals. These minerals occur in minute amounts in sea water and are natural electrolytes which are required for your body. Celtic French Salt helps to stimulate enzyme and digestive juice production. The body needs this in order to fully utilize nutrients from the diet. This is especially true in the case of cooked foods as the cooking process can destroy the essential enzymes making it harder for the body to digest properly. Unrefined sea salt is very beneficial in assisting the body to digest food. Untreated sea salt is also necessary for good adrenal gland function. It is these essential and vital minerals that give Celtic French Salt its distinctive characteristic gray color.

Flavorful and Healthy Salt Alternative – Celtic French Salt

Many people believe that all salt is potentially harmful to your health. This is not true. The man-made, refined salt that we frequently use is not at all the same as pure unrefined Fleur De Sel. We should be more concerned about the processes, practices and procedures that go into producing regular table salt. What is added to regular salt is considerably more detrimental than the salt itself. Regular salt is mined from the earth in places where oceans once existed but are now dried out. It is mined using heavy machinery and bulldozers. It is then subjected to a number of chemical processes to wash and bleach it and finally it is oven dried in industrial facilities. The ingredient list of regular salt also includes worrying and harmful chemical additives such as anti-caking agents.

In stark contrast Fleur De Sel salt is pure and unadulterated. This unprocessed salt comes from pristine clear and clean sea water salt ponds. The coarse salt crystals form at the bottom of the salt pans. Using the ancestral method the salt gatherer rakes these untreated salt crystals to the surface where the salt is placed in piles and allowed to air dry under the sun in order to preserve the naturally occurring enzymes. Nothing is added and nothing is removed. No preservatives or any other chemical is added. The rakes that are used are wooden and no metal is every allowed to come in contact with the salt. This natural product is simply acquired from the bountiful organic salt farms. They are subject to the strictest quality controls. The method used follows an authentic and time-honored tradition, which is authenticated and assured by vigorous purity and quality monitoring.

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Sel Gris is of course an excellent condiment which could grace any table because it has a great rich flavor. For an elegant effect it can be served in a little pot with a spoon for your friends and family to sprinkle on their meal. Salt grinders are also an excellent addition at the table. A useful tip in salt shakers and mills is to add a few grains of rice. This is very effective to absorb moisture in artisan produced salt.

Sea salt has also become popular in cooking because of its bold and intense taste which enhances any savory dish. It deserves it’s reputation in culinary circles and has won the epitaph of a gourmet salt. Utilizing it in your cooking and baking will really improve the deep flavors of the cuisine. It is really great value as a little goes a long way and you don’t need to add a lot of Celtic French Salt to your favourite recipe.

Bathing with Grey Sea Salts helps to re-mineralize the body, maintain balance and promote healthy skin.

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