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Flour Confusion

Flour Confusion

Flour is becoming like the telephone – something that used to be so basic and is now so complicated. There are all kinds to be found in the grocery store. “All-purpose” flour comes in both bleached and unbleached varieties. You can find “bread” flour, “cake” flour,...

Cream Indulgence

Cream Indulgence

Does the following sound familiar? Someone begs you for the recipe to a great dish and then comes back saying they just couldn’t get the same results – you must have left something out. But after a little discussion, you find out that in the interests of healthy...

Chocolate Simplified

Chocolate Simplified

There’s almost too much written about chocolate – rhapsodies about taste, scientific treatises, claims of aphrodisiac qualities, nutritional defenses. But unless you’re a dedicated pastry chef or candy maker, you can effectively handle chocolate in the kitchen by just...

Where to Take Turkish Cooking Lessons in Toronto

Where to Take Turkish Cooking Lessons in Toronto

To the delight of Turkish food fans in Toronto, Chef Ayse Aydemir occasionally offers cooking classes in the kitchen of her west-end restaurant Anatolia Turkish Cuisine. The hands-on lessons include five or six traditional recipes straight from Anatolia's menu. Chef...

Happy Customers


As advertised!

Excellent company received salt that was ordered in a very timely manner and exactly as advertised.

- George


I purchased the sample pack. When I initially received my salt, one of the containers came shattered in the box. I sent an email, and received a response within hours. They sent out a replacement, which arrived surprisingly fast. All in all, a very pleasant transaction.

- Fritz



It was really easy to order. Prices are great and they have really awesome bundles.

- Tabitha Johlfs

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