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We are passionate people dedicated to providing only the best in salt & we are on a mission to save the world – one grain at a time! ?‍♂️?‍♀️

? We Specialize in All Natural Salts ?

?️ Kosher Certified Unrefined Salt for Cooking

? Authentic Pure Therapeutic Spa Salts

? Not Highly Processed Salts

? Salt brings flavor. Salt brings food to life. It’s probably the one ingredient chefs won’t go without – and for good reason. Food just doesn’t taste the same without it.

? Because salt brings health. We spend so much time trying to cut salt from our diets when it’s really not the culprit. Salt helps maintain the body’s fluid levels, maintains healthy organ function, and helps regulate blood pressure just to name a few. 

? Because salt is life. In fact, it’s essential to life. If you were to eliminate salt, all life would perish. ?

?? Mineral-rich Salt ??️

? Salt is now being made into the villain. It’s all thanks to table salt being over used in processed foods, combined with our own cravings (hey, we don’t judge). ??????

Now, we have dedicated ourselves to helping salt be the good guy again. ?

? The key to enjoying all of the benefits salt brings to our lives is to use mineral-rich salt.

? That’s what we’re all about! ?

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Our Story


♻️It’s time to switch the salt you use and contribute by being a part of our mission – to restore & preserve the Earth’s ecosystem.??

The healthiest form of sea salts are the least refined varieties with no added preservative and anti-caking agents –  which is exactly what we offer.

?At Salts Worldwide we are dedicated to providing all natural, unrefined salts for everyday use. Simply use our salts in place of your table salt and/or bath salt. Typical table salt is heavily processed, stripped of the naturally occurring minerals, and usually contains additives to prevent clumping. We stumbled upon a series of health articles advocating the elimination of sodium from our diets and the adoption of a “salt-free lifestyle”.

They went on into detail about the risks salt posed on our bodies. Soon after, more articles started to pop up that basically mirrored this sentiment. As people with backgrounds in the culinary arts and nutrition, we could understand their position, but we also knew that they were wrong.?‍♀️?‍♂️

?It was then that we began our journey of discovery and re-education.?


Our Culinary Journey


Our journey took us to France where we met a French restaurateur who will be referred from now on as Pierre. Pierre was a fantastic chef. He introduced us to a world of flavors we never would have imagined.?

We began talking about his life owning a restaurant and being its head chef. And as we asked him about his secret to making his dishes so tasty, we received a rather unusual answer: “salt”.

But this was no ordinary table salt. According to Pierre, French Sea Salt has excellent flavor perfect for any dish. But above all, he said it was a healthy alternative to table salt.

?After that, we pushed forward.

Kosher | Vegan | Pure

?Exotic Salts from Around the World?

 We discovered new varieties of “healthy salts”. These unrefined sea salts are mineral-rich, unlike typical table salt.

Our salts remain in their natural state – just as mother nature intended.



?Pink Himalayan Salt

Our most popular Pink Himalayan Salt is hand-mined from naturally occurring ancient salt deposits in the Himalayan Mountains, where it has been preserved and safe from modern day pollution.?️

 Use our salts for everyday cooking & baking or even as a relaxing bath salt to soak in.??

Our gourmet, food-grade salts include Fleur de Sel and Black Truffle Sea Salt.


?Fleur De Sel Salt

Esteemed by professional chefs as the most delectable sea salt for culinary us. Fleur de Sel Salt offers a light, delicate flavor. It has a moist texture and high mineral content. It is often referred to as ‘French Sea Salt’. Guerande “paludiers” harvest Fleur de Sel by skimming the salt crystals formed on the very top surface of the salt ponds.

Salts Worldwide Fleur de Sel Salt is certified from the Nature & Progrés institute in France. This means our salt has passed a strict certification process ensuring purity and excellence.✔️?

?Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt

Black Truffle Sea Salt consists of pristine Mediterranean Sea Salt infused with Italian Black Truffles from the Abruzzi region of Italy. This salt is bursting with an earthy, luxurious flavor. Perfect for sprinkling directly on to food as a finishing salt or a garnishing salt.


The distinctive intense aroma leaves a lasting impression.

Pure, crisp sea salt is enhanced with Black truffles from the Italian Reigons of Piedmont, Tuscany, Umbria, and Marche in Northern and Central Italy 

Our Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt is:

✔️Kosher Certified


✔️ Vegan

✔️Packaged in the U.S.A.

✔️No Anti-caking Agents 

✔️Gluten Free

✔️No MSG

✔️Soy Free

✔️Dairy Free

?Dead Sea Salt?

?Imported from the southern Dead Sea in Israel, our Dead Sea Salt is very high in mineral content and has a natural white color. The salt from the Dead Sea is known for its large rich concentration of active minerals.

External Use Only – Not Food Grade⚠️

✔️Therapeutic Use

✔️Natural Remedy

You can enjoy the benefits of dead sea salt such as softening skin, providing relief from Psoriasis or deep relaxation. They are also ideal for salt scrubs, bath salts, professional spa therapy use, and home use.?

One Salt Grain At A Time…


Our journey doesn’t end there. Our quest to offer healthy alternatives to unhealthy refined salt continues with our advocacy to educate the world on the power and benefits of unrefined salt.

Help clean up the ecosystem! Plastics are polluting the oceans and putting the Earth’s ecosystem at risk (and our health). So it is our mission to counteract the negative effects of pollution and ensure that we do everything in our power to revive Earth’s ecosystem one salt grain at a time…

??? A portion of each sale goes towards efforts to restore the Earth’s ecosystem.♻️??

⚓Stay Salty!


We Make It Our Business to Know Salt

Discover the secret to good health with the help of healthy unrefined salts here at Salts Worldwide.

 Salt is our passion. Salt is not your enemy. Salt is essential – it is life. We are committed to helping you explore and rediscover the benefits of salt. The secret is knowing what, and how much, you should use.

 We make it our business to not only give you what you want but also what you deserve – only the best healthy options for salts that bring out the best flavors in your food.

 From the most exotic natural salts to the classiest gourmet varieties, Salts Worldwide is your partner in flavors that are truly out of this world.?


Happy Customers


As advertised!

Excellent company received salt that was ordered in a very timely manner and exactly as advertised.

- George


I purchased the sample pack. When I initially received my salt, one of the containers came shattered in the box. I sent an email, and received a response within hours. They sent out a replacement, which arrived surprisingly fast. All in all, a very pleasant transaction.

- Fritz



It was really easy to order. Prices are great and they have really awesome bundles.

- Tabitha Johlfs

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