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Himalayan salt is halite (rock salt), the natural form of table salt, mined by hand from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. This mine is located in the foothills of the Salt Range – a range of picturesque hills spanning miles across the terrain of Pakistan.

Instead of the standard dull white, pink Himalayan salt naturally occurs in a pink or reddish color.

This unique hue is derived from elemental inclusions in the stone, added through millions of years of formation. Iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium can be found in these inclusions, all of which are essential minerals that the human body needs. More than eighty other trace elements can be detected in pink Himalayan salt through scientific analysis.

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All Of Our Himalayan Salt Products Are Extra Fine Grain.

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Himalayan Salt 50lbs Bucket – Unbranded Private Label

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Himalayan salt is a unique type of mineral that’s been used for centuries as an element in various cultures’ diets. Our 50bs bulk bucket comes with the most beautiful pink color you’ve ever seen, guaranteed to make any dish pop! With its high quality and natural purity we’re confident this will be your favorite wholesale source on repeat orders from now until forever more… This product is offered without branding. Our Private Label Himalayan Pink Salt contains no artificial flavors or preservatives so it tastes exactly how nature intended – just deliciousness at every bite; but don’t take my word get your bucket today!

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All Of Our Himalayan Salt Products Are Extra Fine Grain.

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Pakistan - Himalayan Mountains - Pink Himalayan Salt

A Unique Location in Pakistan For Pink Himalayan Salt


Pakistan is a beautiful place with majestic mountains, and it is also one of the lesser-known tourist attractions in the world. Some people view it as a war-torn place that couldn’t possibly have anything to offer, but it is starting to see more visitors.

If you’re hoping to experience some extreme sports, you’re sure to go to the Himalayan Mountains. It’s not an easy task to climb the mountain, but you will be impressed with the view if you do. Of course, that’s not the only thing to consider while you’re in the area. Our pink Himalayan salt is harvested from the salt mine in Pakistan.


Himalayan Salt Khewra Mine

The Khewra Himalayan Salt Mine


Have you ever seen a salt mine or been in one? Chances are, the answer is no. Of course, Pakistan’s tourism isn’t high, so this Khewra Salt Mine is open to the public. Aside from being the salt mine for Himalayan pink salt, this salt mine is slowly becoming a tourist attraction Here, you will find seemingly endless piles of salt. Plus, the administration has also created a variety of salt bricks in the shape of monuments and people. These are then decorated with lights.

The mine is quite small for what it is, which is fantastic in itself when you think of all the Himalayan pink salt on the market. It will only take about half an hour to walk through it. Plus, you can tell everyone you went into a mountain!


Pink Himalayan Salt Khewra Mine


Of course, you need to know where to go if you plan to visit the Khewra Salt Mine. It’s just north of Pind Dadan Khan, which is part of the Jhelum District in the Punjab Region of Pakistan. Primarily, it is located on the Salt Range, which is the outer part of the Himalaya Mountains and rises from the country’s Indo-Gangetic Plain.

While there are other mines out there, this is the largest in Pakistan and the second-largest in the world. It is an amazing sight to see and one that shouldn’t be missed. Our sea salt is mined by hand and unrefined, unlike the regular table salt that are mined underground and heavily processed with anti-caking agents.

Our pink Himalayan salt contains trace elements that provide health benefits to the body. The trace elements also contributes to the pink Himalayan salt’s pink color. One of the health benefits you’ll get using pink Himalayan salt is stabilizing high blood pressure. You’ve probably heard about the health and taste benefits of pink Himalayan salt, and there are many advantages to discuss with you.

Let’s talk about our pink Himalayan salt in more detail!

Himalayan Rock Salt

Salts Worldwide Only Offers
The Best Himalayan Salt

At Salts Worldwide, we focus on providing you with the best Himalayan pink salt that you could get anywhere. Of course, you could choose to go straight to the source, but depending on where you are, this could be a long trip.

We make sure to get our product from the best source in the world and take pride in how we cultivate our products. When we pack and ship it to you, we ensure that it is unprocessed and pure. Our pink Himalayan salt contains no anti-caking agents unlike the common table salt. Our sea salt is used as an alternative for common table salt for cooking.

That way, you don’t get any fillers and can reap the full health benefits of our pink salt product.

The fact is 90% of regular table salt contains plastic. [1]

Our Himalayan pink salt has a variety of therapeutic benefits that you can achieve at home or at the spa. You won’t achieve the results beyond your expectations with just the regular salt. 

Using it might just be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Keep your heart healthy, prevent high blood pressure, and reap other health benefits with our pink Himalayan salt! Use pink Himalayan salt as an alternative to your regular table salt and get more health benefits of Himalayan pink salt.

Check out the following Himalayan Pink Salt mineral list, which is included in every Himalayan pink salt product that we sell. You will be shocked at what’s inside!

Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt A Variety of Minerals with Tons of Health Benefits

While other salts on the market are bitter and not to be used for eating or cooking, Himalayan pink salt can be added to your food. However, that’s not all you can do with our pink Himalayan salt! It can also be absorbed through the skin to soften it and provide your body with the right minerals. The effects you’ll see are immediate and long-lasting. In fact, there’s nothing else like it in the world. You are probably asking yourself what makes our Himalayan pink salt so unique.

Sea salt, just like table salt, contains sodium chloride but with more minerals. We will explain all of the active minerals found in pink Himalayan salt and their health benefits in it below. These trace minerals also contribute to the pink Himalayan salt’s pink color. Before you consume Himalayan pink salt, it’s best to know if ingesting it is aligned with your dietary guidelines. 

Each is designed to build upon the other to provide you with a super product that can help you live a healthier, better life. If you wish to switch up your cooking for a bit, use pink Himalayan salt as an alternative for the regular table salt. However, pink Himalayan salt is not a form of dietary supplements.


Iron – Our sea salt contains iron that prevents fatigue. Iron is a vital mineral for the body, and most people don’t get enough of it. All of your cells contain it, but it is primarily found in red blood cells. If you don’t get enough, you may find that you’re tired all the time. It can also boost your immune system, reduce your risk of anemia, and boost hemoglobin within the body. These are just some of the health benefits you’ll get with iron in Himalayan pink salt. 


Magnesium – Magnesium is also an important mineral and is required for your body to work right. It can help to control the nerves and muscles within the body. Plus, it will preserve your bones and keep them strong, stabilize your blood pressure, and keep your heart healthy. Too much salt in the body is bad. You’ll also find that it can keep the blood sugar stable, ensure that you’ve got enough energy throughout the day, and detoxify the skin. Pink Himalayan salt is good for people with high blood pressure. Include our pink Himalayan salt in your diet to reduce high blood pressure.


Calcium – Everyone knows that calcium is a mineral that keeps your bones healthy and strong. However, it can also help the blood to clot when you get injured. This ensures that you don’t continue bleeding. If that weren’t enough, it will help to keep your heart beating and contract the muscles within the body. Plus, calcium will help you regenerate new skin. When you don’t get enough calcium (which the body cannot produce itself), your skin looks fragile, thin, and scaly. Our pink salt can help you keep your skin glowing and healthy.


Potassium – Potassium is another vital mineral for the body. It can help with nerve signals and muscle contractions. Plus, it will regulate the fluids within the body. What’s more, having adequate levels of potassium might reduce your blood pressure, lower water retention, and protect you from a stroke. You’ll also find that it reduces inflammation and puffiness in the skin. Pink Himalayan salt, however, is not an alternative medicine or form of dietary supplements.


Sodium – Sodium is also important for life. The kidneys regulate it, but it will control fluid balance and retention. Plus, it can improve muscle function and help your body send nerve impulses. It can also be used as a skin exfoliator to provide a deeper clean. With antimicrobial properties, it can keep fungus and bacteria at bay. You’ll also find that it helps with skin regeneration. Pink salt contains the same amount of sodium just like the regular table salt. What makes pink salt different is the additional minerals like potassium.


Zinc – Zinc can also help the skin because it prevents acne buildup and can protect the lipids. Plus, it will heal skin tissue and regulates the oil glands. Because it is an antioxidant, it will also fight free radicals that can make the skin look older and tough. If you ingest it, zinc can help your body make DNA and proteins, as well as help you fight off viruses.


Sulfur – Sulfur has a variety of healing properties. For one, it will clean out the pores, but it also has antibacterial and antifungal properties, as well. Therefore, if you suffer from acne or skin problems, it might help to incorporate this into your diet. Plus, sulfur can also work with amino acids to make proteins. These will build connective tissue and support the joints.


You should expect to find all of these minerals in our sea salt, as well as over 80 trace elements. Whether you choose to eat it or use it as a therapeutic method, you’ll be impressed with the benefits. Because our Himalayan pink salt is guaranteed to be authentic and pure in form, you don’t have to worry about your purchase. These minerals are in their natural and raw state. Therefore, you can start seeing the results after the first use! Let’s now look deeper into the benefits of our Himalayan pink salt to learn more about how it improves your health. However, you should still seek medical advice from your doctor if you want to include our Himalayan pink salt to your diet.

These are just some of the health benefits of Himalayan salt. However, we do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment using our salt. Consult your doctor for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment if you have health problems and be thoroughly advised, especially if you’re experiencing high blood pressure and you have to follow certain dietary guidelines.


Cooking With Himalayan Salt

Cook with Salt Himalayan

For the most part, you can cook and season with Himalayan pink salt like you would regular table salt. You can add it to marinades and sauces, or wait until the food is on the table to season it.

There are a few considerations for cooking. If the salt is coarse, you might need more of it to match the salty flavor of ground salt. Finely ground salt tends to pack together more than coarse salt, so there is likely more volume.

Plus, Himalayan pink salt features less sodium chloride and no anti-caking agents than traditional table salt. With less sodium chloride, you won’t be worrying about having too much salt. Pink Himalayan salt contains more trace minerals than regular table salt, contributing to its pink color.  Therefore, you may need to consider this when you’re cooking or if you want to get a different flavor from your regular table salt.

Before you incorporate our pink salt to your diet, we recommend you ask for medical advice from your doctor if you’re allowed to consume Himalayan pink salt. It is important to ask for your doctor’s medical advice to make sure you don’t ingest too much salt in the body. Too much salt or sodium chloride causes several health problems, including high blood pressure.


Himalayan Salt

Non-dietary Uses For Pink Himalayan Sea Salt


Though our Himalayan pink salt can be cooked with and eaten, you’ll also find many other ways to use it. The common non-dietary uses of pink salt are as salt lamps and bath salts. Pink salt provide therapeutic benefits when used as bath salts and air purification as salt lamps.
Use Himalayan Sea Salt as a Foot Soak 

Sea salt is commonly used as scrubs or bath salts because of its moisturizing benefits. Our Himalayan pink salt can help the skin retain more of its moisture. Therefore, it makes a great soaking solution for your feet.

Add about 1/8 cup of our pink Himalayan salt for each gallon of warm water you use.

You’ll find that your tired, pained feet will feel much better after a few minutes when you use pink Himalayan salt as foot soak.

To get even more out of it, you may want to use our Dead Sea Salt with our pink Himalayan salt, too.

When combined with our pure Dead Sea Salt, you can help your body absorb more of the minerals, hydrating the skin more effectively.

Himalayan Sea Salt Spray

Refreshing Pink Himalayan Salt Facial Spray


Have you ever seen those facial sprays that cost a fortune and promise to deliver a beautiful glow to the skin and help rehydrate it?

They’re popular because they work, but you can make your own with the main ingredient being our Himalayan pink salt. Sea salt can also be used as facial spray to hydrate and keep your face fresh.

Since you’ll be spraying pink Himalayan salt on your face, it might be best to use distilled water here.


  1. Add about one tablespoon of our pink Himalayan salt, finely ground, with a teaspoon of the magnesium flakes into a cup of warm water.
  2. Put all that in a clean spray bottle.
  3. You can also add up to five drops of your favorite essential oil. Popular options include eucalyptus, mint, or lavender.
  4. Spray on your face (or body) throughout the day and massage it into the skin.

Keep your face fresh with the pink Himalayan salt as facial spray and save a few dollars with this DIY facial spray.


Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrub

Keep your skin smooth and soft with the pink Himalayan salt body scrub. Pink salt contains trace minerals that are good for the skin. Our Himalayan pink salt has an exfoliating texture to it, which can leave your skin soft and silky.

Plus, exfoliation can boost collagen production, which helps to keep your skin smooth.

  1. Get enough Pink Salt for about one cup.
  2. Then, add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil and ¼ cup of olive oil.
  3. Wet your skin and then apply this scrub to your face using circular motions.
Himalayan Salt

Other Ways to Use Our Himalayan Pink Salt


IWhile the ways mentioned earlier are quite popular, there are many other options for getting the most out of our pink salt. With sodium chloride and trace minerals, you’ll surely reap lots of benefits from our Himalayan pink salt.


Soothe Your Sore Throat – You’ve probably heard that saltwater can soothe sore throats, and it is true! Most people use table salt for this, but we recommend using our Himalayan pink salt. Most of the time, it works immediately to reduce inflammation, loosen mucus, and ease pain. Mix about 1/2 a teaspoon of our finely ground salt with warm water and then gargle with it. However, we don’t recommend using pink salt as the only means to treat your sore throat. You still have to consult your doctor for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment to fully heal.


Boost Electrolytes – Instead of drinking Gatorade, which is full of calories, consider a Himalayan salt mixture. It’s natural and can still boost electrolyte levels when low. Use two cups of water, ¼ teaspoon of our Himalayan pink salt (ground finely), ½ cup of fresh lemon or orange juice, and a tablespoon of honey. Use it if you work out a lot or have an illness, such as the flu or a cold. However, check with your doctor if you have kidney disease or hypertension.


Purify the Air – While most people buy pink Himalayan salt lamps, they can get expensive. Instead, you can just take a small chunk of our pink Himalayan salt and sit it next to a heat source. You may want a small, decorative plate to put it on so that the pink Himalayan salt doesn’t sweat onto your counters or appliances. You’ll find that, after a few days, the air smells better and feels lighter.


Inhale It – If you have asthma, you may find that inhaling the fumes from our warmed pink salt will help open the lungs and sinuses. Consider adding a couple of chunks of the salt into a saucepan filled with water. Let it heat up and then stand over the stove (being careful not to burn yourself) and inhale deeply of the salty air. This treatment can also be used for chest congestion and to relieve coughs.


Make Bath Salt – Using a Himalayan pink bath salt can create a detoxing, rejuvenating, and relaxing spa-like experience. The pink salt in the water will carry its minerals into the skin, which will deeply cleanse it, draw out the toxins, and clean the energy within the body. You can purchase bath salt, but we find that it is much better to make your own. This allows you to control the ingredients and use the smells you like best. Just take one cup of salt from the dead sea, one cup of our pink Himalayan salt, and five or 10 drops of your preferred essential oil. You can also add two tablespoons of glitter, dried flowers, or other small additives for creativity. Mix your salts together and then add the essential oil. Everything should be mixed well. Then, the essential oil will get soaked into the salt, creating a more even smell throughout the bath.


Make a Himalayan Salt Sole – Sole is considered an elixir that can rejuvenate and detoxify the body. It’s quite powerful and only requires about a teaspoon a day. Therefore, it is quite affordable and easy to make. Sole is just water that has been saturated with an unrefined salt. When our pink Himalayan salt dissolves in the water, it becomes a concentrated and electrically charged mix of all of the minerals inside it. You make it by taking a glass jar and filling it about a quarter of the way with our salt, either in chunk or ground form. Fill up the jar with filtered or distilled water. Use a plastic lid, shake it all up, and let it sit out overnight. The next morning, add a teaspoon of the sole mixed with regular room temperature water and drink it.


One note about sole is that you should not use metal utensils or lids when mixing it or making it. It will oxidize the metal and cause rust or deterioration.


Neti Pot – Using a warm saline rinse to flush the sinuses can make it easier to breathe while reducing/eliminating your seasonal allergies. Plus, it can clear up a post-nasal drip. All you need is our pink Himalayan salt and a Neti pot. Of course, you will need water; make sure you boil tap water first or use distilled water for safety.

Salts Worldwide Himalayan Salt

Consider Our Amazing Himalayan Salt


As you can plainly see from all of the ways to use it, our Himalayan salt contains sodium chloride and trace minerals that provide many benefits that your body will enjoy almost immediately.

If you don’t want to ingest too much salt or sodium chloride, you can use the salt in several other ways. Your skin, nails, feet, and even sinuses can be healthier with just one use. However, when you use our salt regularly, you’re going to experience even more advantages. It is going to last a long time regardless of how you use it. That way, you can take the challenge and use it in different ways to find the best method of consumption for you.

The glistening, rose-colored salt we sell are proven to be authentic from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan.

This means that you can be sure that the minerals and vitamins found within it are superior to other brands.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to use our Himalayan pink salt, whether directly on the skin, through water, or on/in your food. You can’t go wrong with it. The Himalayan Mountains have long-since been the source of the best salt for many decades, and it can change your life.

At Salts Worldwide, we want to give you a one-of-a-kind experience while using our Himalayan salt. We know you’ll find amazing results with our product and enjoy helping our customers. You’ll look and feel better because we keep our focus on you to ensure that we offer the best products possible. Just try our salt once, and we know that you’ll be coming back to order more and the best part is each and every purchase you make helps restore the earth’s ecosystem. ?

This makes us so happy! ?


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It’s easy to forget that the table salt in the shaker isn’t the only type of salt out there. While it might be Kosher, it doesn’t contain all of the minerals and vitamins that our salt provides. It tastes flat because all of its properties have been stripped away through chemical processes.

Though you may be used to it, we hope to change your mind. You may want to try the popular Himalayan salt that can be eaten or used therapeutically, or you might consider our Dead Sea salt for its only-therapeutic benefits. If you’re looking for something luxury and high-end, you’ve got the black truffle salt or our fleur de sel. Both options are perfect for savory dishes and will heighten your meal to a new degree.

At Salts Worldwide, it is our goal to give you an amazing sea salt experience. You’ll achieve amazing results while using our sea salt products and will fall back in love with salt. Just try it ones, and you’re sure to come back to buy more sea salt!

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Here, we’re passionate about sea salt and desire to give you only the best products possible. That’s not all, though, because our mission is actually to save the world, and we do it one grain at a time!

Our specialty is sea salt that is all-natural, regardless of the flavor or style. Of course, each of our salt products is unrefined and Kosher-certified. This means you can use sea salt as you wish for cooking, seasoning, or therapeutic methods. Plus, they are not processed, so they are more flavorful.

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