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Himalayan Salt

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Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan salt or himalayan salt is a natural food that is kosher and rich in minerals. Aside from its great taste in both savory and sweet dishes, pink salt also provides several health benefits that make it much better for the human body than iodized or table salt. The salt provides 80 elements and minerals that are essential for the health of the body, including borate, magnesium, calcium, sulphate and potassium.

Perhaps one of the most important distinctions about it is that it is much lower in sodium than regular table salt. This is good news for people with heart disease or diabetes who are need to monitor their salt intake. Mixing a little pink Himalayan salt with a glass of water can help aid immune system in removing impurities from the body. By having a strong immune system it helps the body to fight off colds and the flu and purifies the blood to rid the body of infection. Individuals who are looking to aid their digestion can also benefit from pink salt. The salt promotes health of the intestines, which can help relieve conditions like constipation and diarrhea.

Drinking a little salt water each day may also help to ease menstrual cramps in women, see Wikipedia. Those who exercise often should also consume pink Himalayan pink salt to replenish electrolytes. Sea Salt water is healthier than popular sports drinks which are used to replace the body’s electrolytes after working out, as there are no dyes or sugar in salt water. Pink salt also hydrates the body; regular table salt has the opposite effect. Adding pink salt to foods brings out the natural flavor of each entree and helps food to retain its vitamins and nutrients. Himalayan pink salt can be found at most health food stores; the salt can also be ordered online. Himalayan Salt is also utilized as a powerful bath salt and is used in spas worldwide in exfoliating, scrubs, and masks! Himalayan bath salts can improve the texture, tone and appearance of your skin, combat water retention, promote sinus health, prevent muscle cramping and soreness, regulate sleep, and even decrease stress.

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