Fleur De Sel

Fleur De Sel – Hand Harvested Salt from France

Known to be one of the highest quality salts money can buy, Fleur de Sel aka Flower of Salt is Kosher Grade and carries the Nature and Progrès certification ensuring its excellence and purity.

This salt is harvested using methods passed down from generations. The methods utilized involve harvesting this rare salt by hand, and skimming the top of the salt ponds for the purest crystals that formed above the top layer. This is what separates Fleur de Sel from other salts and Sel Gris, as Sel Gris is harvested below the surface.

Fleur de sel is neither ground nor crushed due to how it is harvested. It is sought after by some of the top chefs in the world not only for the wonderful exquisite flavor it provides, but the light and moist texture, the high mineral content is an added bonus!

It is best utilized in a salt shaker or as a finishing salt. It is excellent for seasoning fish, poultry, pasta, meats, risotto, salads, vegetables (either grilled or steamed) or sprinkled on top of candies and chocolates.


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fleur de sel salt

The Best Fleur De Sel


Ah, good ole’ Paree. It’s the place of romance, allure, and excitement, and nearby, it is even a place to find some of the rarest salt in all of the world. Our fleur de sel is primarily harvested in the coastal regions of France, where the Mediterranean Sea and Rhone meet. Brittany is one of the most popular sources for fleur de sel, but it isn’t the only one.


A Beautiful Secret Is Brittany


When most people think about France, they initially focus on Paris with all its glitz and glam. If you were to take a trip to the city of lights, you’d have to travel west for almost 500 kilometers before arriving in the little peninsula of Brittany. This hilly spot extends toward the Atlantic Ocean. With a rugged and lengthy coastline, you’ll find a variety of beach resorts.


Though this quaint spot is where most of our fleur de sel comes from, you’d be hard-pressed to find that information by just visiting. The townspeople do not boast of the salt harvesting, and it is impossible to watch the work be done. It’s a quiet and private area, though it is open to the public. That way, the salt is less disturbed.

fleur de sel

How Fleur De Sel Sea Salt Is Harvested


Fleur de sel is used as finishing salt for salads, fish, meat, soups, and sometimes desserts. It is good to know how this sea salt is harvested before we start using them when cooking.  In most cases, salt is harvested as quickly as possible to produce more of it and get it on the shelves. However, our fleur de sel features harvesting methods that have been passed down throughout the generations. Of course, the rare salt is only harvested by hand. To do that, people skim the tops of the salt ponds to find the purest crystals. They’re only formed at that top layer. What’s beneath is still good, but it isn’t pure and of the highest quality.


You see, these saltwater flats, as they are called in the region, are out in the sun all day long. This means that the seawater will evaporate with time. As that happens, the fleur de sel will float to the top of that shallow marsh. People will stand in the saltwater flat or bend down and skim off that salt. The beauty of this salt is that it can only form in specific conditions. For one, the work must be done fast because if the salt isn’t scooped up quickly, it will sink to the bottom. While it is still salt, it won’t yield a high price like our salt. For another, there is only one month where the collectors can get the salt before the harvest season is over. These are all the reasons why our fleur de sel is not as cheap as some of our other options.


The crystals are often small because someone is always watching the saltwater flat. They know just when to skim the salt from the top, ensuring that it is small, delicious, and amazing when ready to be enjoyed.


Once it has been removed from the salt pond, it is not crushed or ground. Most people think that we just throw it in a bag and ship it, but that is not the case. We take the fleur de sel by the truckload to a special factory where the crystals are set to dry for one year. It takes that long for it to lose its pink glow. While you can use the salt when it is pink, it won’t have the same texture and structure as the dried fleur de sel. After drying, it is still quite moist. That’s the magic of our fleur de sel and one of many reasons why it is considered to be the best salt on the planet. It’s also why many gourmet chefs will use nothing else but our delicious fleur de sel.

Fleur de Sel

The Flavor Profile Of Fleur de Sel


If you have never been lucky enough to taste our fleur de sel, we wanted to discuss its flavor profile with you. This will help you understand why it is so popular. Of course, you are going to taste salt because that is what it is. However, you will find that there are some differences in how our sea salt delivers flavor. Our fleur de sel is quite high in moisture, so the salt crystals are likely to stick together.


When you put it on your tongue, it isn’t going to dissolve as fast because of those minute clumps. Therefore, that salty taste you experience lingers on the tongue for longer periods. Of course, the flavor itself is of the ocean or seawater. Plus, its aroma is quite oceanic in nature, too. This will help to enhance any dishes in which you use our salt. You can use this sea salt in fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, salads, and more as a finishing salt. It’s not recommended to use this for cooking because it will lose its unique flavor under high temperature.


We’d like to take this time to talk about the health benefits of our salt, now that you know how delicious it tastes. Let’s talk about our fleur de sel salt in detail!

Salts Worldwide Provides Only the Best Fleur De Sel


At Salts Worldwide, our goal is to provide you with the best fleur de sel that you could ever find anywhere. Of course, you could decide to go to the source. It is possible to travel to Brittany, France. Depending on where you live, that might be a long trip. Once there, it may be hard to find because much of the salt is outsourced to us.


Since we make sure our products are from the best source in the world, you get a high-quality product. We pride ourselves on choosing the right cultivation and harvesting methods. Yes, it takes a bit longer, but you reap all the rewards. When the salt is packed and shipped, we make sure it is pure and unprocessed. Therefore, you never have to worry about fillers. Our fleur de sel offers many health benefits. The best way to use it is to ingest it. Remember, our salt is a bit more expensive because of how marvelous it tastes. You wouldn’t want to waste that on foot soaks and facial scrubs!


Our sea salt is so pure that it is quite healthy, as well. Look at the mineral list below to find out what is included and why. You’ll be surprised at what you find!


best fleur de sel sea salt

A Multitude of Minerals with Many Benefits


While most other salts on the market are highly bitter, our fleur de sel is designed to have a taste like no other. It’s considered a finishing salt for fish, meat, and soups, so a little goes a long way. You’re supposed to lightly sprinkle it over the food once it has been prepared and right before it gets to the table. Sometimes, it is placed on the table in a small dish so that people can sprinkle what they want on their food.


Because it’s not considered a cooking salt, you may think that it has few to no minerals, but you’d be mistaken. With calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron, it is quite healthy. We’ll explain the active minerals in our fleur de sel below. Each mineral is there to build upon the next, giving you a superior product that could help you lead a healthier life.


Calcium – Your body needs large amounts of calcium so that it can perform at its best. Food sources are the best way to get calcium, but salt is often not one of them since it can raise blood pressure if used excessively. However, you may find that our fleur de sel does have plenty of calcium. Primarily, it will keep the bones strong and healthy. If you get hurt and start bleeding, it will clot because of the calcium in the body. Muscle contraction can also be improved when you have enough calcium in your diet. Though you need it, the body can’t produce it. Therefore, the more you can get from any foods you eat, the better.


Magnesium – If you want your body to work correctly, it needs a variety of minerals. Magnesium is vital, and it helps your body control its muscles and nerves. It works alongside calcium to protect the bones and ensure that they remain strong. Along with that, it can help keep your heart healthy and stabilize your blood pressure. Those who have issues with blood sugar spiking will find that it regulates that issue. Of course, it can detoxify the skin and keep your energy levels up throughout the day.


Potassium – The body craves potassium like no other. It works to help the nerves in your body produce the right signals at the right time. Plus, it will help your muscles contract and release correctly. Some people even find that taking potassium (supplements or food sources) prevents them from having significant leg and foot cramps. Of course, it also regulates your fluids and can help to reduce blood pressure. Some studies have shown it will reduce water retention, protect you from having a stroke, and reduces inflammation of the skin.


Iron – Most people don’t get enough iron from the food they eat. While every cell in your body has it, the red blood cells are where it is primarily found. When you don’t get enough magnesium, it can cause you to feel excessively tired all the time. The goal is to get it through the foods you eat to help reduce your risk of developing anemia, boost the immune system, and even increase hemoglobin in the body.


Sodium (Chloride) – Of course, there is going to be mostly sodium in our fleur de sel because it is a salt. Though it is a finishing salt, it still contains the same amounts of chloride and sodium. Salt is quite important for life. It is regulated by the kidneys, so it can help to control fluid retention and balance. When used correctly, it will improve muscle functionality, so that the muscles don’t seize up when you go to do something.


The best part is, you can expect to find these minerals in our fleur de sel. Plus, many other trace elements are good for your body and found in our salt. While some salt products can be used therapeutically, this one is designed only to be used as a finishing salt. Still, the amount of minerals you get from it are plentiful and will help you stay healthy and look your best. Our salt is guaranteed for authenticity and to be pure. That means you never have to worry about your purchase. Of course, the minerals mentioned here are in a raw and natural state. This means you’ll see the results sooner, even after the first use. Let’s look into the benefits of our fleur de sel to get a better understanding of why it’s the best salt on the planet.

fleur du sel

Benefits of Fleur de Sel


Have you ever been to Paris (or anywhere in France)? If so, then you know that French food tastes much different than anywhere else. Even if you were to go to a French restaurant in the United States, it wouldn’t be the same.


However, when you use our fleur de sel, it is your ticket to everything France. With such a pure, rich salt flavor, you can give any of your favorite dishes a Parisian flare.


Once you purchase our salt and open the bag, you will immediately smell the ocean or sea water. Give the salt a touch, and you’ll find that it is slightly moist, like the sea just couldn’t be squeezed out of it. This uniqueness of our salt adds to the taste. It won’t dissolve so quickly, giving you a cleaner, crisper flavor for any cuisine. While we recommend trying a few French dishes to get the full effect, you can try it on any foods, including Mexican, American, and Asian.


Our finishing salt can be used on virtually any completed dish. We think you should sprinkle it on sandwiches, salads, and even desserts.


Purity – Our fleur de sel is one of the purest of all salts you can get. Our salt is harvested through evaporation of sea water. There are no impurities or gypsum, so you will only taste the sea water and the saltiness of the condiment.


Beauty – Everyone knows that you eat with the eyes. You have to look at the food before you eat it, so you’re sure to enjoy gazing upon the tiny crystals of pure salt that are bursting with flavor.


Taste – Of course, the second you bite into whatever dish you’re eating, you will find that there is no bitterness at all. Our fleur de sel is so delicate that it will melt on the tongue slowly, providing an amazing crunch all while enhancing the flavor of your food. If you want to serve your dish the French way, use fleur de sel on fish, meat, soups, salads, and even desserts. However, use table salt when cooking since fleur de sel loses its flavor when exposed to high temperature.


Healthy – If you crave natural, our fleur de sel is as natural as can be. Plus, you may find yourself skipping the ‘salt while cooking’ part of the process because you know you’ll get to garnish with our amazing salt.


What Does Hand-Harvested Mean?


We’ve been talking about our fleur de sel and that it is hand-harvested because that makes a difference! The salt is literally translated as ‘flower of salt.’ Often, when the crystals float to the top and before it evaporates all the way, they look like flower petals, which is why the salt got its name.


The crystals are highly delicate, which is why they’re hand-harvested. If conventional methods were used, it would break up the salt too much, and it wouldn’t have the qualities and appearance that it does. When it arrives at your doorstep, however, it isn’t likely to look like flower petals. With all of the movement during shipping, they will break up into smaller bits. Still, it is a moist salt that will clump together and reform shapes.

best fleur de sel

Try It with a Salt Cellar


In general, the only way to use our fleur de sel is as a gourmet garnish. You’ll soon realize that there is an art when it comes to sprinkling the salt on food. It’s called the three-finger pinch. To do this technique, you use your index, middle, and ring finger to scoop up some salt, holding it all together with the thumb. You want to keep the salt until it gets to the dish, but you shouldn’t hold it too tightly, or else it will crumble too much.


Holding your hand high over the dish to be salted, you use a wide circular motion, slightly crush the crystals of salt between the fingers, and let them fall randomly onto the plate.


If you want to be as authentic as possible, you’ll want to purchase a salt cellar. Of course, most people salt their food from a shaker. You can’t easily do that with our fleur de sel because it is slightly moist. To do it the way the Europeans do, you will use a salt cellar. They’ve been used since the early Roman times. While they are still available and used, the salt cellar did have a period of decline when ‘table salt’ was introduced.


Another option is to put it in a pretty container with a lid. This will keep anything from falling into the salt. Open it up during mealtime and use a tiny wooden spoon to get the amount you want. Either sprinkle it directly from the spoon or put it in your hand and pinch it to sprinkle like with the three-finger technique.


If you plan to use a container with a lid, it might be best to choose one that fully closes but doesn’t necessarily seal. Of course, you could just keep our salt in our bag. Put it in a small, fancy container right before the meal. Dump any remaining salt back into the bag for safekeeping. This will only work as long as no one touches the spoon or salt. Otherwise, you run the risk of cross-contamination.


Those who are worried can just go around the room and salt everyone’s dish before serving. However, some people get wary when others touch their food. Your hands will directly come into contact with our fleur de sel, so it is important that you wash your hands first.


Since it is a garnish, it is best to wait to sprinkle the salt on the food until it is ready to be eaten. Otherwise, the salt will start to melt. The problem this brings is the salt is designed to add crunch. It can’t do that if it melts into the food too much.

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Consider Our Delicate Fleur de Sel


As you can plainly see now, our fleur de sel is a one-of-a-kind salt that will impress you and your guests. Whether you enjoy hosting dinner parties all the time or you just want to feel like a chef in your kitchen, our salt will help you achieve your goals. It is possible to envision yourself in a little bistro in Paris, France, sipping fine champagne and eating a delicious meal, even if you prepared it yourself.


We find that it is much easier for people to cook at home when they have the right tools. You may never have had fleur de sel before, but we bring it to you now. The flower of salt we sell is designed to last a long time because it is a finishing salt. Instead of cooking with it, you simply sprinkle it onto the food at the last minute. We’ve talked extensively on how to do that so that you can practice and get it just right. That way, you’ll bite into a crunchy bit of our fleur de sel and find an exquisitely sharp taste of salt that comes from the northwest corner of France.


These delicate, flower-pedal-like crystals are proven to be authentic and pure, coming from Brittany, in France. This means you know for sure that the product is superior to any other brand on the market.


While we’d love to tell you that our fleur de sel will change your life, we cannot be so bold. Still, we know that the first time you eat a meal finished with this salt, you will forever change how you see salt. You may never go back to cooking with it because you can now sprinkle a little bit of crunchy heaven on your food right before you dig in.


At Salts Worldwide, we provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience when you choose our fleur de sel. We enjoy helping customers and know that you’ll be impressed with the results our product can bring. Just try our fleur de sel once; we know you’ll be back to order again and again, which makes us very happy!

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It’s easy to forget that the table salt in the shaker isn’t the only type of salt out there. While it might be Kosher, it doesn’t contain all of the minerals and vitamins that our salt provides. It tastes flat because all of its properties have been stripped away through chemical processes.

Though you may be used to it, we hope to change your mind. You may want to try the popular Himalayan salt that can be eaten or used therapeutically, or you might consider our Dead Sea salt for its only-therapeutic benefits. If you’re looking for something luxury and high-end, you’ve got the black truffle salt or our fleur de sel. Both options are perfect for savory dishes and will heighten your meal to a new degree.

At Salts Worldwide, it is our goal to give you an amazing sea salt experience. You’ll achieve amazing results while using our sea salt products and will fall back in love with salt. Just try it ones, and you’re sure to come back to buy more sea salt!

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We know that you primarily want to learn about our delicious sea salt products, but we wanted to give you some background on us and our cause. This will help you understand why we’re here and why we’re the best in the industry. Plus, it’s good to know more about the sea salt companies you choose to work with so that you can feel confident that they are honest and trustworthy.

Here, we’re passionate about sea salt and desire to give you only the best products possible. That’s not all, though, because our mission is actually to save the world, and we do it one grain at a time!

Our specialty is sea salt that is all-natural, regardless of the flavor or style. Of course, each of our salt products is unrefined and Kosher-certified. This means you can use sea salt as you wish for cooking, seasoning, or therapeutic methods. Plus, they are not processed, so they are more flavorful.

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Healthy Lifestyle: Which Salts Are You Using?

Salt is an essential element for life to exist. Salt is used in cooking, baking, seasoning and there are even some salts specifically used in body exfoliation products and bathing. There are many different culinary salts to choose from–and there may be one distinctive salt with a reputation of complimenting every single cuisine. Baking with or adding as a finishing salt, Fleur de Sel can replace typical table salt with the pristine, pure sea salt taste that will bring to life every meal.

Salt and pepper shakers are commonly displayed on tabletops worldwide. Since salt is an essential food item, the quality of the salt is important. Sea salts from salt deposit beds from around the world are gathered using delicate techniques to retain the real, raw nutrition that sea salts provide. Salts Worldwide Fleur de Sel is extremely versatile, although the French Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Black Hawaiian Lava Salt, and Red Alaea Hawaiian Salt are all viable options to replacing typical table salt.

With every dinner, dessert, or loaf of bread this pure French Sea Salt is enjoyed by chefs, home cooks, and the diners alike. Compare Salts Worldwide Fleur de Sel salt shaker jar to the one you have in your kitchen. This salt is exquisite; a pure and undeniably delicious culinary salt. Lightly sprinkle this salt on your foods and redefine the definition of salt in your kitchen.

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The best fleur de sel

Fleur de Sel is the go to salt for professional chefs and serious foodies who want to add high quality flavor to their dishes!

When the salt is stored properly, it has around a 10 year shelf life.

Fleur De Sel or Flower of Salt is a Gourmet Grade Kosher Salt, that is harvested using ancient methods passed down from generations.

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This is one of the highest quality salts money can buy, it is neither crushed nor ground, it is harvested by skimming the surface of the salt ponds and only obtaining the salt crystals that formed above the top layer.  This is what separate Fleur De Sel from Sel Gris, which is harvested below the surface.

Fleur De Sel carries the Nature and Progrès certification ensuring its excellence and purity.  It is sought after by the best chefs in the world because of the light and moist texture, as well as the high mineral content and delicate flavor it provides.

It can be utilized as a finishing salt or in a salt shaker.  It is excellent for seasoning meats, poultry, fish, pasta, salads, risotto, on top of chocolates and candies, and on vegetables (either steamed or grilled).

Fleur De Sel is ideal for professional chefs and serious food enthusiasts that are looking to add an unique amazing flavor to their dishes.

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