Dead Sea Salt


Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea Salt imported from Israel

Imported from the southern Dead Sea in Israel, our Dead Sea Salt is very high in mineral content and has a natural white color. The salt from the Dead Sea is known for its large rich concentration of active minerals.

Our Dead Sea Salt is 100% pure and authentic, it is the same natural salt used in treatment centers and spas around Israel.

It is not processed or refined, it is the highest quality of dead sea salts that money can buy.

You can enjoy the benefits of dead sea salt such as softening skin, providing relief from Psoriasis or deep relaxation. They are also ideal for salt scrubs, bath salts, professional spa therapy use, and home use! They are the key ingredient to the spa and cosmetic bath industry!

? A portion of each purchase goes towards restoring the Earth’s ecosystem! ?

Dead Sea Salt Products

Our premium Dead Sea Salt is imported from Israel and is coarse grain.

All Dead Sea Salt Products Are On Sale!

Sale Expires After: October 30, 2020

🌎 A portion of each purchase goes towards restoring the Earth’s ecosystem! 🌎

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1 Therapeutic Bath Per Bag or 2 Relaxing Baths Per Bag

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10 Kilograms Of Dead Sea Salt

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1 Therapeutic Bath Per Bag or 2 Relaxing Baths Per Bag

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100 Kilograms Of Dead Sea Salt

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1 Therapeutic Bath Per Bag or 2 Relaxing Baths Per Bag

dead sea salt israel

Our Incredible Dead Sea Salt Puts Us above the Rest

Taking a trip to the Dead Sea is a dream vacation for many.

The salt lake near the Jordan Rift Valley near Israel has quickly become a tourist hot spot because of its healing waters.

The lake is full of raw minerals and vitamins that are naturally beneficial to your skin, hair, and nails.

These minerals include calcium, sodium, magnesium, and sulfur which all help aid in giving you a healthier body.

Visitors to the area eagerly enter these waters to experience the restorative and healing properties.


Israel Dead Sea Salt

A Unique Place in Israel known as the Dead Sea


The Dead Sea is unique in that there is no aquatic life in the lake because of its high salt content. It is also 1,200 feet below sea level and located in the dry desert. Water from the nearby rivers can flow into it, but there is no lake water that flows out.

The mineral salts are so concentrated here, that it causes the water to be denser than fresh water.

Compared to ordinary sea or ocean water, the Dead Sea boasts over 10 times as much salt in its water.


pure dead sea salt israel


You may have seen pictures of tourists easily floating in the lake without the aid of a floatation device.

Since our body is less dense than the Dead Sea water, we become extremely buoyant which enables us to float in a fashion you can’t experience anywhere else. It is a natural phenomenon that you have to see to believe!

For those of you who are interested in the restorative properties of the lake, there are so many benefits to discuss that our salt provides. Ailments and conditions can be soothed or even eliminated with regular usage.

Let’s jump right in and discuss our premium Dead Sea salt products imported from Israel.


Pure Dead Sea Salt

Salts Worldwide Is a Cut above the Rest


At Salts Worldwide, we are delighted in providing you with the best Dead Sea Salt you can get anywhere. We take pride in our approach to cultivating our products.

The salt we pack and ship to you is pure and unprocessed. We want to make sure you are getting 100% of the benefits with no fillers.

The therapeutic aspect of our Dead Sea Salt can be used at home or in the spa.

Using it is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body.

The following list of minerals can be found in every Dead Sea Salt product we sell. You are going to be astounded.

Natural Dead Sea Salt

Salts From The Dead Sea Contains Amazing Minerals with Super Benefits


Salt from the dead sea is way too bitter to eat or cook with and should never be consumed.

Instead, it can be absorbed through the skin to enjoy everything it has to offer. The effect is immediate and lasts a long time. There is nothing in the world like it.

What makes it so special?

Look no further than these active minerals in it.

Each one builds on the other for a super product that should be in every household around the world.


Calcium—Calcium is needed to keep your bones strong. It also aids with muscle and nerve functions that keep our bodies working properly. When it comes to skin, you can find most of this mineral in the outer layer of the skin. Its role here is to help your body regenerate new skin cells through regulation. A lack of calcium can make your skin look thin, scaly, and fragile. An increase in the mineral helps to eliminate the dry appearance and gain suppleness.


Magnesium—Magnesium stabilizes blood pressure, preserves bones, and helps our heart to beat steadily. It also helps clean and detoxify the skin. It reduces acne and blemishes by keeping cortisol levels low. Any hormonal imbalances you may have can be lowered by regular use of the salts.


Sodium—Sodium is a great skin exfoliator and provides a deep clean. The antimicrobial properties it contains helps keep bacteria and fungus at bay. It aids in skin regeneration and can also help soothe sore joints and muscles.


Potassium—Potassium helps to reduce inflammation of the skin and puffiness. It keeps moisture in which helps you look young and fresh.


Sulphur—Sulphur has potent healing properties. It cleans out pores and has antifungal and antibacterial properties. This mineral is great for those who battle acne and other skin issues.


Zinc—Zinc also helps the skin in that it helps keep acne at by and is a known lipid protector. It regulates oil gland activity and heals skin tissue. Zinc is also an antioxidant that helps to fight free radicals.


You can expect to find all these amazing minerals in our salt to help give you a therapeutic experience you could never imagine. It is pure in form and guaranteed authentic with every purchase. These minerals are in their raw and natural state and because of this, you can experience results after your first use! Let’s delve deeper to discover even more about how our salt can drastically improve your health.

Dead Sea Salt Usage

Pure Dead Sea Salt Helps to Calm Skin Issues


One of the major benefits you can see when you use Dead Sea Salt is the soothing properties it has on skin. Issues such as eczema, acne, allergies, and psoriasis can be calmed with each usage of salt from the dead sea.

The minerals work together to exfoliate, combat inflammation and redness, and kill fungus and acne in one fell swoop.

Psoriasis sufferers who have the dry and scaly skin that comes with the condition can see these symptoms all but heal within the first few uses.

Chronic sufferers can find restoration of health here.




Dead Sea Salt Skin

Use Salt From The Dead Sea For Skin Issues


In addition, salts from the dead sea also clears out clogged pores by using its antibacterial properties. It takes out dirt and other impurities and leaves behind clear skin. As a result, you are going to see less acne, blackheads, and whiteheads on your skin. The gentle exfoliation helps to get rid of any dead skin cells and dirt. Clean skin is all that is left behind.


Dry skin is also eliminated with the help of calcium, zinc, and potassium. The minerals created a power barrier to ensure adequate water retention. As you use it, you are pushing hydration back into your skin. It stays there, and healthy skin regeneration is encouraged as you use it over and over again. You are immediately left with visibly refreshed and hydrated skin that keeps you looking young and revitalized.


Those who suffer from skin wrinkles should take note that it can help in this area as well. As it regenerates skin cells, you are left with younger skin as a result. Dead Sea Salt has been shown to decrease the depth of wrinkles by almost 40%. It’s pretty incredible.

Dead Sea Salt For Pain Relief

Dead Sea Salt Relieves Sore Muscles and Achy Joints


Our dead sea salt can also help soothe your aching muscles and joints.

Soaking in a bath of salt from the dead sea is just what you need to get your body back to feeling its best.

The minerals can calm muscle cramping and also lessen inflammation in around the joints.

Soreness is wiped away as the saltwater works its way into your system.

It can help arthritis sufferers, those with joint issues, and people who just want to ease the daily stress they feel in their body.

premier dead sea salt

How to Use Dead Sea Salt


There are many ways to use Salt from the Dead Sea.

Choose a method that is right for you.


Dead Sea Salt Facial Scrub

Dead Sea Salt is the perfect way to get your skin looking fresh and clean again. As a facial scrub, draw some warm water and allow it to infuse the liquid. With your hands, you can now take a handful of the moist salt and start to gently rub it on your face. By doing so, you start to remove the oils and dirt that can cause acne and other facial blemishes. Regular use of the scrub leaves your skin smooth and refreshed.


Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub

Our Dead Sea Salt can also be used as a scrub on all your other body parts. You can soak your feet in a foot bath and exfoliate the dead skin, or you can hop in the shower and use it to get rid of impurities on your back, chest, and other areas. Just gently massage it into the skin and rinse with water.


Dead Sea Salt Hair Rinse

Dead Sea Salt can also be used on the hair. After your wash your hair with shampoo, use a towel to lightly dry it. Create a mixture by using your conditioner, the salt, and water, and gently massage it into your scalp. Leave it on your hair for about 10 minutes and then wash out with clean water. You are now left with soft and shining hair that is dandruff and irritant free.


For hair loss sufferers, using the Dead Sea Salt in this way can improve your hair follicles ability to grow hair and gives you a clean scalp to use as a foundation.

Dead Sea Salt For Nail Strength

Use Salt From The Dead Sea To Strengthen Nails

Our dead sea salts can also help you strengthen your nail and foot bed.

As mentioned above with the foot scrub, you can allow your feet to soak in the saltwater.

You can also do the same for your hands.

After 15 to 20 minutes of soaking, fungus and dirt is removed, and your skin and cuticles are softer and more manageable.

You can follow up with your favorite skin serum or lotion to lock in the added moisture.

dead sea salt products

Dry Salt

You may also use our Dead Sea Salts dry if you prefer. Wet your skin in the bath or shower and start massaging the dry salt all over. Not only do you receive the benefits mentioned above, it also aids your blood circulation while removing dirt, oil, and dead skin cells.


Dead Sea Salt Skin Mist

Don’t be shy to take our salt with you! Just make your own daily facial and neck mist just by using the salt from the dead sea and water. Take an empty mister bottle and mix our salt with lukewarm water. As you go through your day, you can spray the saltwater on your face to rehydrate and nourish your skin. This works great for any situation and is an instant pick me up you are going to love.

bulk dead sea salt

Dead Sea Salt For Stress Relief

Let’s face it, we all have days where we wish we could just climb back in to bed again.

Stress and other factors can play a huge role in how our body feels from the inside out.

Our salt from the dead sea can help lower your stress levels when you soak in your bath. A scoop of this natural salt immediately relaxes and rejuvenates you after a long day.

By just soaking in your bath, you can quickly feel your tension go away, headaches lessen, and muscle knots loosen.

The healthy salt is a miracle mineral for so many people.

Dead sea salt cellulite remover

Use Salt From The Dead Sea As A Cellulite Remover


Yes, the minerals you find in Dead Sea Salt can help you combat one of the greatest skin afflictions—cellulite!

Since the dead sea salts detoxify your body not just externally but internally too, it’s only natural this is the case.

The increased blood flow and circulation when you massage your skin helps the metabolic process.

Your tissue and cells are regenerated and improved which makes for a smother appearance and minimization of cellulite.


Dead Sea Salt Skin Primer

Dead Sea Salt Skin Primer


You should also spray some of the saltwater onto your skin before you begin your makeup routine.

The salt creates a barrier that protects your face from the ingredients that can be found in the products you use.

By spraying a light layer before you begin, you are ensuring that your skin stays hydrated, and blemishes are non-existent.

Dead Sea Salt Spray

Dead Sea Salt Hair Texturizer

The beachy look is a hair style a lot of us love. It’s hard to achieve these waves when you haven’t actually been to the beach, though.

Our Dead Sea Salts can rescue you from your hair woes.

When used as a spray, it can bring added texture and waves to your locks. A light mist of the salt with water and leave in conditioner can promise a drop-dead gorgeous look all day long.



Dead Sea Salt Steam Room

Steam Room Helper


Create a steam bath by using the Dead Sea Salt in the water. In your bathroom, draw a steaming hot bath. Add the salt to your water and breathe in the benefits. The water can now help you sweat out toxins and impurities.


The steam also helps to clear up allergy symptoms you may be experiencing. It can help unclog nasal passages and head congestion you may have as a result of pollen and dander. Spending 20 minutes in your own makeshift sauna can work wonders.


Dead Sea Salt Lip Exfoliate

Dead Sea Salt Lip Exfoliate


Take some of the salt and exfoliate your lips with it.

Having dry and chapped lips is never fun and can even cause pain when left untreated.

Before it gets to this point, you can create a gentle scrub for the lips to get rid of dry and dead skin.

Apply a lip balm right after to seal in all the good minerals your mouth is craving.

dead sea salt sports recovery

Sports Recovery


If you play sports, you know that you need to allow your body to recover from tough workouts and games.

Using Dead Sea Salt can help restore your body and bring you back to feeling your best quickly.

Soaking in a bath for around 20 minutes can drastically reduce cramping and muscle soreness from the field.

The salt is gentle enough to use every day.


Wholesale Dead Sea Salt

Our Premium Pure Dead Sea Salt


As you can see, Dead Sea Salt has an incredible list of benefits that your body can appreciate right away.

Your hair, skin, and nails have never been healthier with just one use of this miraculous product.

The dead sea salt that we provide is going to last you a long time and allows you to really see the advantages up close.

The pristine white crystals we use are proof that no additives have been included or any processing has been done to compromise the superiority of the vitamins and minerals.

No matter how you use our Dead Sea Salt on your skin, you can’t go wrong.

The Dead Sea has been used as a therapeutic agent by locals and tourists alike for thousands of years.

The incredible salt that is extracted from the water can change your life. At Salts Worldwide, we are excited to give you a one of a kind experience when you use our Dead Sea Salt.

Whether you are in the spa or at home, we know you are going to have amazing results. Our pure and authentic approach we provide ensures you are receiving nothing but the best in quality and excellence.

Once you try our salt once, we know you are going to be back for more, and we couldn’t be more delighted! ?

Plus the best part is each and every purchase you make helps restore the earth’s ecosystem. ?

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