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Our sea salt wholesalers and distributors save big on orders! The best part is there are no promotion restrictions, which means if we are having a sale, you can stack a coupon with your membership savings. Where else can you find those types of benefits?

Whether you are just starting out or are importing containers, we can help. If you need something custom, please contact us.

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Need Something More Custom?

Looking for a larger quantity that is not listed on our website?

We have you covered!  Whether you are looking for a container or LTL, we can help you!

Choose Our Delicious Sea Salt from Around the World

It’s easy to forget that the table salt in the shaker isn’t the only type of salt out there. While it might be Kosher, it doesn’t contain all of the minerals and vitamins that our salt provides. It tastes flat because all of its properties have been stripped away through chemical processes.

Though you may be used to it, we hope to change your mind. You may want to try the popular Himalayan salt that can be eaten or used therapeutically, or you might consider our Dead Sea salt for its only-therapeutic benefits. If you’re looking for something luxury and high-end, you’ve got the black truffle salt or our fleur de sel. Both options are perfect for savory dishes and will heighten your meal to a new degree.

At Salts Worldwide, it is our goal to give you an amazing sea salt experience. You’ll achieve amazing results while using our sea salt products and will fall back in love with salt. Just try it ones, and you’re sure to come back to buy more sea salt!

More About Us

We know that you primarily want to learn about our delicious sea salt products, but we wanted to give you some background on us and our cause. This will help you understand why we’re here and why we’re the best in the industry. Plus, it’s good to know more about the sea salt companies you choose to work with so that you can feel confident that they are honest and trustworthy.

Here, we’re passionate about sea salt and desire to give you only the best products possible. That’s not all, though, because our mission is actually to save the world, and we do it one grain at a time!

Our specialty is sea salt that is all-natural, regardless of the flavor or style. Of course, each of our salt products is unrefined and Kosher-certified. This means you can use sea salt as you wish for cooking, seasoning, or therapeutic methods. Plus, they are not processed, so they are more flavorful.

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