Red Alaea Salt – Red Salt from Hawaii

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Alaea Salt

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Alaea Salt

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Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt’s name is derived from the traditional Hawaiian clay that is infused with natural sea salt, that forms beautiful red color. Do not be alarmed about the clay is infused in this salt, as it plays a vital part in it. It also adds no taste or smell to it, it was originally utilized by the Hawaiians to bless and purify their canoes, tools, and homes.

Many people have realized that consuming regular table salt can be detrimental to your health and more people are turning to natural sea salt as a more healthy alternative. This hawaiian salt is rich not only in iron, but contains 79 other minerals, that is why Alaea Red Salt is so sought after.

It was discovered many years ago that Alaea Hawaiian Salt improved their health by providing extra nutrition, it has went from a local treasure to a worldwide mineral potent exotic salt! It contains a crunchy flavor and one dose will give you over 80 minerals such as magnesium, calcium, chloride, fluoride, iron, and potassium.

Red Alaea Sea Salt

This salt not only tastes good, but it brings a unique and exotic look to dishes such as mashed potato souffles, cauliflower cheese, and other more pale colored dishes.

There are many different ways to absorb the minerals that the red salt provides. You can not only add it to your food, but it can be used with coconut or olive oil and to make a salt scrub. You can also drink a half a teaspoonful every day in a quart of water, as well as using it as a rub when showering.

Alaea salt is processed naturally by hand, and it contains all of the minerals nature intended and the human body needs to properly function. It also contains the needed sodium, which ensures they function properly. The combination of unrefined sea salt which provides natural iodine coupled with the minerals contained in the clay makes for a much healthier body.
Most people have discovered that table salt is bad for you causing all sorts of health problems and more and more people are turning to the natural salt of the sea.

Red Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt

Sea salt is normally silver-white like crystals but there is one unrefined salt that is a glorious reddish brown. Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt takes its name from the traditional Hawaiian clay that is mixed with natural sea salt to form this color. The clay is rich in iron and 79 other minerals which is why this Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt has so many health benefits.

Do not be put off by the fact clay plays a big part in this salt as it has no smell and no taste and it was originally used by Hawaiians to purify their homes,canoes and tools blessing them at the same time. They also used the salt in cooking typical Hawaiian dishes such as Kalua Pig.

They discovered many years ago Red Alaea Salt provided extra nutrition and improved their health and now its fame has spread around the world. It has a crunchy flavor and a daily dose will put over 80 minerals into your body. These minerals include iron,magnesium,potassium,fluoride,calcium and chloride.

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Alaea Hawaiian sea salt not only tastes good it also looks good on dishes like cauliflower cheese,mashed potato souffles and other pale colored dishes.

There are several ways to take Alaea salt and absorb the minerals into your body. You can add it to food when you are cooking or have a bowl of this exotic salt on your dinner table so people can add it to their food. That is a good way to introduce this red salt to people who have never tried it.

Drink half a teaspoonful every day in a quart of water or make a salt scrub combining the Alaea Hawaiian sea salt with coconut oil or olive oil and rub it on your body when you have a shower.

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This red salt is naturally processed by hand and it contains all the minerals needed by the human body to make it function properly.The combination of the unrefined sea salt which provides natural iodine combined with the minerals contained in the clay ensures a much healthier body. It also contains the necessary sodium which keeps the muscles supple and ensures they function properly.

This salt is particularly good for seasoning pork as the Hawaiians discovered when they used it when cooking Kalua pig and you can even use it in a slow cooker without it losing its color or flavor. It also looks very colorful on vegetable dishes and is excellent when cooking sea food.

The reason Alaea Hawaiian sea salt is so good is it comes from salt farms on the tiniest and least developed of the Hawaiian islands Molokai. There is hardly any industry there so there is no sewage or industrial pollution.Both the ocean where the unrefined sea salt is collected and the alaea clay remains absolutely pure.

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