Alaea Sea Salt

Alaea Sea Salt: Wake Up Your Taste Buds

Hawaiian Sea Salt

Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt is a non-processed large red grained salt that is created through the process of evaporation. This remarkable salt comes from pure ocean water that no industry has been allowed to pollute. The island of Molokai, in Hawaii, is enjoying a resurrection thanks to this salt source that is abundant in their water.


How It’s Made

The process starts by trapping sea water in tidal pools and and mixing it with red volcanic clay called “‘Alaea”. The water evaporates inside the high-tech, custom designed solar evaporator. What is left are beautiful, intact salt crystals. The ‘Alaea tints the salt a slight orange/brown color, which most people see as red. This red clay has no taste, nor smell.


Contents of Alaea Sea Salt

This amazing salt contains up to 80 naturally occurring minerals, more than any other salt. Most of these minerals actually come from the ‘Alaea added during the harvesting process. These minerals area all needed in the body in some way. Sixteen percent of this sea salt is comprised of these minerals, the remaining 84% is chloride. What better way to get your essential minerals than through a tasty sea salt?


Red Alaea Salt


Uses For Alaea Sea Salt

  • Can be used for cleaning and purifying the body.
  • Is used as currency in some parts of the world.
  • Can be used to flavor all kinds of meat dishes.
  • Is equally as good on vegetables.
  • Some people love this crunchy, chunky sea salt on chocolate deserts and ice cream.
  • Is used in some cosmetics.
  • Absorbs into the skin to draw out toxins from within.


Great Tastes

The grain is course, the flavor mild. It brings out the best flavors in any dish. This particular sea salt is not recommended for baking due to the larger crystals; however, the wonderful flavor, and texture, of this salt can enhance your deserts after they are baked. Order some wonderful Alaea Hawaiian sea salt and make your taste buds come alive.

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