Cooking with Himalayan Pink Salt

Cooking with Himalayan Pink Salt

Start Cooking with Himalayan Pink Salt

Salt is an important part of a balanced diet. Everyone needs a little bit of salt to stay health. Himalayan rock salt has many minerals that are needed in addition to the salt content. Cooking with Himalayan pink rock salt can add a great taste to foods and has many divers uses in the kitchen. There are some when cooking with Himalayan pink salt to make dishes taste great.

Himalayan Salt Blocks and Curing

Take a block of Himalayan cooking salt and arrange thinly sliced cold cuts such as salami or ham on it. Allow the meat to sit on the plate for at least half an hour. When the cold cuts are served they will have a cured salt taste to them.

Himalayan Salt Block Cooking

Himalayan Salt and Table Side Cooking

This pink salt can be used to cook foods right at the table and give them just a hint of saltiness. All a person has to do is to take a block of the Himalayan pink rock salt and put it under the broiler for 30 minutes. Carefully remove the block of salt and put it on a heat safe tile at the table. Meat, fish, and vegetables can then be placed on the salt block and they will be cooked right at the table. The salt block will hold the heat long enough to cook the food. It can also be reheated for use at a later time.

Cold Applications with Pink Salt

The Himalayan pink rock salt block can be used in cold application and even for dessert. The salt block should be put in the freezer for two hours. Once the box is removed it can be put on the table. Ice cream can be scooped out and put on the block. People can eat this right off the salt block for a little extra flavor.

Himalayan pink salt can be used for a number of different cooking applications. The best Himalayan salt brand will carry only authentic pink salt from the Himalayas.

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