dead sea salt benefits

Dead Sea Salt Benefits

The Dead Sea, located in the heart of civilization on the border between Israel and Jordon. Far from being truly dead, this sea has a salt content far higher than other bodies of water and cannot support most life. River waters empty into this sea and remain inside it’s boundaries with the exception of amount of water lost through condensation.

Minerals gathered along the way are carried to the sea and trapped. The density of these minerals is so high that it is literally impossible to sink due to the fact that the water is heavier than the human body. What is the importance if this? The mineral content is a wealth of pure healing power. It’s known fact that salt water is very good for the skin and so are minerals.

Dead Sea salt condenses very quickly in the heat of the region and, therefore, needs no mining, separating, or processing of any kind leaving all of the salt and mineral content intact. This is probably the purest supply of minerals found in nature because of it’s remote location. The resulting product is not tainted by pollution or other outside sources of contamination, is a beautiful bright white, and free of harmful chemicals of any kind. It is truly a marvel of nature.

Dead Sea Salt Benefits 1

The Salt of the Earth

The saying “salt of the earth” is used to denote purity and simplicity. This salt lives up to the saying in many ways. Many, if not all, of the facial, beauty, and health preparations on the market contain man-made ingredients such as perfumes, additives, and preservatives that can be harmful. Dead Sea Salt contains none of these things. It is merely nature’s finest minerals and salts preserved in a wonderfully pristine states.

One thing Dead Sea Salt is not – edible. The product is not food grade and should only be used externally for medicinal and healing purposes. People who live near the ocean can tout the benefits of sea water, in general, as related to rejuvenating qualities. The Dead Sea salt and minerals, however, are much more potent than common sea water.

The Healing Power of Dead Sea Salt

Skin is the largest “organ” in the human body and acts like the shield to keep bad things out and acts as a major contributor in the release of toxins. This external covering comes in contact with the outside world every day and takes the brunt of the abuse. It relentlessly keeps our internal organs safe from harmful chemicals, pollution, excessive heat and cold. To that end, the skin needs some help to stay soft, moist, and flexible.

Dead Sea Salt works wonders for the skin. The nutrients (minerals) needed to maintain such a complex organ are readily available to exfoliate old skin cells and encourage the growth of new cells to repair damage and keep the skin looking young.

A hot relaxing bath also eases the tensions, muscle soreness, and bumps and bruises of the day. In addition to wounds, burns, and dryness that are visible on the skin, the minerals found in Dead Sea Salt are excellent for helping conditions including:

  • Arthritis
  • Joint Inflammation
  • Muscle Aches
  • Fibromyalgia

No one escapes some sort of stress. Wouldn’t a soothing Dead Sea Salt bath be just the ticket right now?

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