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Himalayan salt is pink in color. It is only produced in the Khewra mining site. This salt is sea salt, and it is all-natural. Since it is only natural salt, it is different from table salt that could only last for about five years because of the other chemicals included in it.
Since the Himalayan salt is all-natural without any added chemicals, it does not have an expiration date indeed. A a matter of fact, it had been present for over hundreds of millions or thousands if not, without being spoiled. The salt is naturally crystalline form, whether it is mined or produced from the sea. That being said, Himalayan salt had its crystalline form for decades and years. Himalayan salt is believed to still last for ages; the only thing you need to do is to store it away from moisture, heat, and damage.

Does Himalayan Salt Expire - Himalayan Salt Is All-Natural

Salts are not subject to degradation or spoilage and it is extremely stable. Since Himalayan salt is a mined mineral it is completely had been part of the crust of the earth for about millions of years already. Minerals will never change or degrade if not for the external force applied, such as heat or pressure. It would never expire if you are taking care of it well. With proper care, your Himalayan salt can probably stay fresh as the day you had purchased it and will remain that way even for more than years you would not expect. Being a natural salt gives the Himalayan salt the property of not expiring for even after a hundred years.

Salt must be a basic staple in your pantry. If you would have pure salt with no additives it will never go bad for sure, making sodium chloride (NaCl) one of the stable compounds. It would not lose power or its flavor over time. Indefinite shelf life will be assured if you know how to store your salt since it is a natural preservative appropriately. It might even last forever. Storing it for a long period would not have any effect on the salt’s flavor. Not until you combine it with other seasonings and herbs.

If you want to make sure that you had stored your salt appropriately, this will help you have some knowledge. You must store the salt in an airtight container, then always put it in a dry, dark, and cool area in your home. It’s possible to buy salt in bulk and then repack in smaller containers for long-term storage. However, do not use containers that are oxygen absorbers if you are aiming for continual keeps.

If ever you buy a bulk of Himalayan pink salt to get the best price, you only need some practical technique on how you should store it. You can just store it in a dark place using quart-size canning jars with plastic lids. It would be the perfect environment for storing the Himalayan pink salt. If not, you can just purchase Himalayan pink salt which is already deposited in 5-pound plastic containers. Plastic containers work well from keeping moisture in salt. Being stored appropriately, it will surely have an indefinite shelf life. Another way to store it is to use small plastic buckets and label them. The only thing you must consider in any container you will use is if it is airtight. Never use the container which is not airtight.

Does Himalayan Salt Expire - Himalayan Salt with Crystals

It would be lovely to store a Himalayan pink salt. It provides so many health benefits and is very tasty. You would be happy when you would be able to have Himalayan pink salt stored in your pantry. Himalayan pink salt can be bought in crystal size of 2-3mm of course, 0-1mm with regards to fine, and an extra-fine of 0-0.5 mm. Potassium, calcium, copper, magnesium, and iron are the trace minerals that can be found in Himalayan pink salt.

The Himalayan pink salt is also referred to as the king of salts because of the unique ways it has in cooking. This salt is unrefined and definitely, an unprocessed raw mineral mined from caves. Himalayan pink salt is a natural source of sodium and it is also a rich source of those trace minerals which has many health benefits. Himalayan salt blocks can be used for several purposes, such as chilling, presenting, cooking and curing. Before doing so, make sure that you know which is the top and which is the bottom part of the Himalayan salt block. You might also need to have the right knowledge on how to clean a Himalayan salt block because it would be very delicate cleaning it. If you ever wanted to use it well and for a long time, be sure to know how to take care and store it properly. It might not have an expiration but it still can go bad if not being cared for.

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The ingredients that make Pink Himalayan Salt a favorite among chefs in the culinary world also make it a replenishing bath salt!

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