Why Pink Salt is better than table salt

Why Pink Salt is better than table salt

This salt is something that is harvested very high up within the Himalayan Mountain Range itself. It is far more than just an attractive salt visually. It is a salt that is highly prized by many for the number of amazing health benefits that it does contain in abundance. This is the one thing that sets it apart from other salts on the average. Not only is this salt hand harvested and has very minimal processing that is attached to it overall. It also contains a lot of very natural nutrients that are good for anyone who decides to use this very special salt in their lives.

Pink salt is 100% pure and all natural in content. It was crystallized originally more than 250 years ago. This was when there was very ancient salt sea beds that were covered over with lava. This lava protected the salt sea beds from any form of pollution that was modern in description. This is why many believe the pink color, as well as the salt itself, is definitely one of the purest of all salts to be found in nature and on the planet. Its many colors of pink, red, and white are said to be an indication of its overall purity. In addition, these various hues also attest to another fact about the salt, and that is its very rich and multiple forms of trace minerals and iron content. It is also a naturally pure flavor enhancer and it is great from pickling brines to roasting fish and chicken to beyond.

Pink Himalayan salt is a unique form of salt unto itself. It is top of the line when it comes to delivering on all 84 minerals and trace elements. This is considered to be the full spectrum when it comes to required minerals and trace elements. Therefore, this does indeed show one just how not only pure this salt is, but also how healthy it can be when added to a person’s life overall. This wide range of minerals and trace elements indicate that it is unprocessed and unrefined salt that comes straight from the Earth itself.

Processed table salt cannot compare at all to this wondrous pink salt. That is because table salt is not only lacking in more than 80 minerals in number. It is also a form of salt that has been processed and only contains one mineral in it. This one mineral is no other than iodine. The iodine in table salt is said to be the cause of disease and one of them is no other than goiter.

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt has many defined uses. Some of these uses do range from being used in cooking to part of spa treatments to natural healing treatments to cosmetics to beyond. Some of the health benefits attached to this pink salt is this. Not only is it a highly prized form of salt that doesn’t contain any chemicals or sugar that can harm a human. It also is a salt that can be easily digested and it doesn’t require a whole lot of cellular water to process the sodium chloride content and neutralize it.

Some of the other health rewards of this very popular pink salt are as follows. Pink Himalayan Salt is that it provides healing for whatever may ail a person. This means it can help to treat tired and achy muscles, arthritis, skin rashes, flu and fever symptoms, and herpes. Saltwater bathes with this fantastic pink salt can also perform wonders. Some of these wonders do include detoxification that strengthens the immune system, helping to heal skin diseases, help in recovery after surgery, relieving the pain of rheumatism and other joint conditions, and balancing the PH levels in human skin. It can also help to get blood pressure back to normal, destroy any form of harmful sediment that can cause kidney issue, as well as gall bladder and arthritis problems. It can also clear the skin of any toxins and improve existing skin diseases. Another important thing is that it helps to lessen any cravings that a person may have for addictive substances. It also provides all the essential nutrients and minerals that a person does need from day to day overall. It helps to balance electrolytes and improve circulation and conductivity, as well.

Pink Himalayan Salt is very special for all that has been highlighted here about it. So,with this said, it is truly far more than just a bewitching salt because of its one of a kind pink color.

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