Black Truffle Salt Uses

Black Truffle Salt is considered to be a delicacy. This salt has to be imported from Italy. The salt is made from ground up Black Truffles with sea salt that has been added to this. Black Truffle Salt can be added to a number of dishes and is considered to be a condiment used for special occasions. Black Truffle Salt has many diverse uses.

Grilled Portobello Mushrooms with Black Truffle Salt Black Truffle Salt Uses

6 Black Truffle Salt Uses!

1. Eggs

This salt can be lightly sprinkled on the top of egg dishes. It can be used to add a touch of class to scrambled eggs or baked eggs. It can also be used to add additional flavor to an omelets.

2. Risotto

This pasta dish is already good and creamy. This salt can be used to add some richness and depth of flavor to this classic dish.

3. Potatoes

Many people do not think of potatoes as a decadent dish. That can be changed with the use of Black Truffle Salt. This salt can be added to a baked potato instead of regular table salt. It can also be added to French fries to give them a new and different takes.

4. Salad Dressings

This salt adds great flavor to salad dressings and is easy to prepare. All a person has to do is mix a little bit of olive oil with the salt to make a home made vinaigrette. The guests will be impressed with this dressing.

5. Sushi

This is a modern use for this black salt. Instead of using soy sauce to dip the sushi in a person can put a little bit of this Black Truffle Salt on the sushi. It will give it that touch of salt that is needed.

6. Popcorn

Popcorn just got a whole lot classier. With a touch of this black salt the popcorn just got a lot tastier.

These are just some of the great uses for black truffle salt. This salt adds a great taste and some class to any dish from simple things to gourmet meals.

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